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An Xbox Mini-Fridge Could Become A Real Thing You Can Buy

Microsoft says it is "ramping up mini-fridge operations" and might sell the meme product in the future for real.


Microsoft has again commented on the possibility of an Xbox mini-fridge becoming a real product that you can buy. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter that the new Xbox mini-fridge promotion with The Rock was purposefully designed as a test-case for whether or not Microsoft will actually create a real consumer product for people to buy. For those just catching up, The Rock--who has been a partner to Microsoft for decades--has rolled out a campaign with the Xbox mini-fridge and his ZOA energy drink brand; check out the video below to learn more.

Asked directly if an Xbox mini-fridge would become a real product available for purchase, Greenberg said on Twitter, "Think of us as testing that mini-fridge market with this promotion. We know fans also would love to be able to purchase a Series X mini-fridge in the future!"

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In another tweet, Greenberg commented, "We are ramping up our mini-fridge operations. Stay tuned!"

This is not the first time that Greenberg has commented on the possibility of an Xbox mini-fridge becoming a real product. In October, he asked his 200,000-plus followers if they would be interested in buying it--and the majority of respondents said, "Yes, take my money now."

When Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X back in December 2019, people immediately roasted its design for looking like a refrigerator. Microsoft took the comments in stride, embracing the chatter with its own memes. This went even further when Microsoft created an actual Xbox Series X refrigerator that it sent to Snoop Dogg and other people, and the phenomenon grew again this week with a new promotion featuring The Rock.

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