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An Okami Developer Is Working On A Sequel Pitch For Capcom

Ikumi Nakamura, who left Tango Gameworks last year, has a pitch for a sequel to Okami, and she wants to reunite the development team.


Okami, a cult classic PS2 game, underperformed at launch but has since done well enough to justify re-releases on subsequent consoles--most recently Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Now, one of the game's developers has a pitch for a sequel, and she believes it might happen--if the original development team can reunite.

Ikumi Nakamura, who worked on Okami and would eventually become the creative director of Ghostwire: Tokyo (a position that she left in late 2019) has spoken to IGN Japan about her current work and life. According to USGamer, she's planning on pitching a sequel to the iconic PS2 title, and she's hopeful it can happen.

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Nakamura mentions the sequel idea when asked if she has a "dream project," saying that she'll make the pitch to IP owner Capcom once the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over. She reportedly believes that there's a good chance that the sequel could happen, but that it would be important to reunite members of the original team--she insists that Hideki Kamiya would have to direct, as he did with the original.

Kamiya is currently the director of Project G.G., a hero action game in development at Platinum. This is not the first time Nakamura has mentioned her desire to make an Okami sequel, but it sounds like she's making serious moves to make it happen.

Okami already received a prequel on the Nintendo DS, Okamiden. It was received warmly, but isn't as well-regarded as the original.

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