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An Episode Of Lucasfilm Comedy Star Wars Detours Has Leaked Online

One of 39 unseen episodes of the Star Wars parody is now available to watch.


Star Wars Detours, a comedic show produced by Lucasfilm Animation in partnership with Robot Chicken's Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, has long been the stuff of legend in the Star Wars fandom, with 39 episodes produced in 2013--and not a single one ever released to the public. Now, a full 6-minute episode titled "Dog Day Afternoon" has leaked online.

The series was announced at Star Wars Celebration in 2012 but was later put on hold, likely as the satirical comedy show was not considered the best way to re-introduce fans to Star Wars after seven years without a new film. The show is set in the period of time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, but in the same vein as Robot Chicken's Star Wars specials, it doesn't take its subject matter all too seriously.

The leaked episode focuses on droids 4-LOM and Zuckuss holding up Dex's Diner in their quest to become bounty hunters. With the infamous diner, its robot waitress, and a heaping of Jar Jar slapstick comedy, it pokes fun at some of the most complained-about parts of the prequel trilogy, while mixing in both minor and major characters from the original trilogy.

In the past few years, fans have speculated that the two completed seasons of Detours could be released on Disney XD or Disney+, though speaking in an interview in October 2019, Seth Green said he isn't sure the parody series fits in with Disney's current plan for the franchise. "My understanding is that the Lucasfilm plan is rooted in new movies and expansive television for the Disney+ platform. And it doesn’t seem right now that they’re pursuing this kind of comedy," he said.

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