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An Elden Ring Player Successfully Turns The Fisher-Price Toy Controller Into An Xbox Controller

Rudeism showed off his latest creation with an Elden Ring demo.


Twitter user Rudeism has modded the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller to be a fully functional Xbox controller. Rudeism recently showed footage of the controller in action, using it to play Elden Ring on PC.

Originally inspired by a post from Twitter user Wario64, the controller is complete with a left joystick, D-pad, four face buttons (A through D), and a left and right trigger, each capable of receiving both bumper and trigger inputs.

Fans were quick to point out the lack of a right joystick. To address this, Rudeism programmed the controller's yellow slider--meant to change the mode from music to numbers--to switch the joystick between left and right. The switch also changes some of the face button inputs--changing the C button from "B" to "Start," for example.

One feature of the original controller that Rudeism kept intact is its sound effects. A baby-like voice will say the corresponding number, shape, or color of whatever button you press, whenever you press it. Clicking in the joystick even plays a little jingle! Good luck beating Malenia with your controller singing "A, B, C, D, come and play a game with me!" throughout the fight.

This isn't Rudeism's first foray into controller mods. He's known for beating Dark Souls 3 with a single button using morse code, and has even played Hades using a pomegranate. Follow him on Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube to see what he comes up with next.

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