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An Alan Wake 2 Teaser Image Might Be Hiding In A New Remedy Video

This in-development look is small but already has fans speculating.


Remedy may have released a brief glimpse of Alan Wake 2, as an in-development image in a presentation about their development tools.

Earlier today, Remedy shared a presentation about Universal Scene Description and its implementation into its development process and the studio's proprietary engine, Northlight. At about four minutes into the video, the presenter shows off a picture of the Northlight engine editor. The image is bare and partially made up of the editing tools. At its center, though, is an image of a figure holding a gun in a large lobby area with a central staircase and a multitude of arches. The image is untextured, so there are almost no colors except various shades of gray and some orange outlines on the central character.

An image of Remedy's engine editor, including a possible in-development screenshot of Alan Wake 2.
An image of Remedy's engine editor, including a possible in-development screenshot of Alan Wake 2.

Reddit user Sir_Galehaut posted the image on the Alan Wake 2 subreddit, speculating that the image is part of the game. Predicting that Alan Wake 2 will partly take place in New York City, like the original (and so many other Remedy games). Sir_Galehaut searched the file name displayed in the video, National Library, along with the city name. The first result was the primary branch of the New York City Public Library. The real-world location is very similar to the one shown in the image, also featuring plenty of stone arches and similar globe lambs. As Sir_Galehaut pointed out, you might recognize the library from its appearance in Ghostbusters, or in a few other films including The Thomas Crown Affair, Spider-Man, or 13 Going On 30.

The video begins with an introduction to Remedy Entertainment, including an overview of current projects. This includes Alan Wake 2, a multiplayer Control spin-off codenamed Condor, a multiplayer game called Vanguard, the Max Payne remakes, and an unannounced AAA game. So it is possible that this image could relate to any one of these ongoing projects--though it's worth noting that this location does not resemble any level from Max Payne 1 or 2 or any Remedy project to date.

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