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Among Us: The Airship Map Is Available Now

The new Among Us map is live now after several months of teasing.


A brand-new Among Us map, the Airship, is available now. The map was first teased in late 2020 and offers a bunch of new tasks to try out and new ways to trick your fellow players. There are different starting rooms available in this map, and alongside the new map, there will also be a "preliminary account system" that should help with mitigating hacking and making sure everyone is following the game's behavior guidelines.

Tasks include disposing of trash and cleaning gems, but you'll still have to watch out for the imposter as they sneak around the map and try to kill you when you're alone. We see someone get cut in half with laser vision during the teaser trailer. It's a little less stealthy than stabbing them, but it is very funny.

You're also able to pick the room you start in this time, which should freshen up matches if you play several in a row. Mobility has changed with moving platforms and ladders added, and InnerSloth has also added a new code of conduct to the game alongside the map. This comes with the new account system, letting you report players who are acting inappropriately. This includes those who are cheating, harassing others, using an inappropriate name or saying inappropriate thing sin the chat, and bans can be either permanent or temporary. In the future, there will be more changes, including an art style overhaul and bigger lobbies.

There are a few bugs InnerSloth knows about, as well, including one that has already been fixed. They include some unintended shakiness and overloaded servers.

The Airship is a free addition to Among Us, with the game supporting cross-play across PC and mobile, and you also get cross-play on the Nintendo Switch version released just last year. This makes it a perfect game to play with your friends while you continue socially distancing, and it's one that's made even better if you use a voice program like Discord to taunt each other.

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