Among Us Player Accounts, Reporting, And Bigger Map In The Works

The popular multiplayer game will continue to expand and improve.


Among Us has a new update, and while it's fairly minor, the patch notes highlight some huge additions coming in future patches. The latest Steam update promises some big changes around the corner, including a new map and persistent player accounts that will make matchmaking easier.

The latest update includes some fixes, and the option to vote anonymously, but the really big changes are down the track. When accounts come to the game in December, players will be able to better track their progress and, eventually, create friend lists. Developer Innersloth says that the system will be "a bit barebones" at first, but will improve down the road.

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It'll also make it much easier to report other players for bad behavior or hacking. The game has suffered from some major hacking issues in the past, and this new system will make it easier to report these encounters.

More exciting still is the promise of a new map on the horizon. According to the Steam update, it's "Henry Stickmin themed", and it'll be bigger than Polus. The map will be totally free, and will come with different tasks for players to complete. There's no further information available, but it's good to know that it's coming.

Additional translations and localizations are also in the work, as well as colorblind support. This current patch has a "first pass" for colorblind support, but more work is underway.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently streamed Among Us with a number of popular streamers--which was a pretty wonderful thing to happen. She plans to stream more in the future, as well. However, it's not clear if she'll play Among Us again or shift to something else, such as League of Legends.

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