Amiibo Manufacturing Error Leads to Legless Peach

[UPDATE] Legless Peach Amiibo sells on eBay for $242.

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[UPDATE 2] After 20 bids, the Peach Amiibo defect sold on eBay for $242.50.

[UPDATE] The legless Peach Amiibo is now for sale on auction site eBay. The starting bid is $100.

The original story is below.

It appears the two-cannon Samus Aran Amiibo, which sold this week on eBay for $2,500, is not the only "defect" to emerge from the manufacturing plant.

This is what the Peach Amiibo is supposed to look like
This is what the Peach Amiibo is supposed to look like

A reader sent us the above image this week of a Peach Amiibo with no legs. The horror! This Amiibo was purchased at Best Buy, the same chain that sold the Samus defect.

We spoke with the buyer, who told us that they didn't notice any other "no legs" Peach Amiibos at the store, and that the Amiibo remains factory-sealed.

You might be thinking this is a hoax, but the fact that there doesn't appear to be damage to the box suggests this is legitimate.

A legless Peach Amiibo has appeared on auction site eBay, though it's not the same toy as the one featured in this post.

Bidding opened yesterday and has skyrocketed to $3,500. The current top bid came from someone who outbid themself multiple times, and has zero eBay history, suggesting it's a prankster and not a serious bidder. We'll keep an eye on the auction.

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