Amiibo Manufacturing Error Gives Samus Two Arm Cannons

Uhh, that doesn't look right.

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It seems like an Amiibo manufacturing error has accidentally doubled Samus Aaran's firepower.

Adam Truesdale picked up the Amiibo you can see here yesterday, and posted it to Reddit under the username Adamantium126. He preordered it from his local Best Buy along with the Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong Amiibo. There was only one other Samus Amiibo in the store (a normal one) in addition to the defective one he preordered. Additional photos and a receipt provided to GameSpot make the defective Amiibo seem authentic.

You can see the differences between the normal and defective Amiibo below.

"I didn’t realize that she had two blasters until my friend pointed it out to me," Truesdale told GameSpot. "I would have more than likely opened it up and started using it without a second thought." He said that the Amiibo remains sealed and unharmed for now.

The first wave of Amiibo toys have been available since yesterday in the United States, alongside fighting game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which is available now and is the first game to support the toys.

Have you seen another weird Amiibo in the wild? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image credit: @hampsanonymous

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