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Amiibo Figures Reach New Shipment Milestone, Best-Selling Toys Revealed

21 million Amiibo toys sold to date.


Nintendo has now shipped more than 21 million Amiibo figures worldwide, the company announced as part of its latest earnings presentation. The toys originally launched in 2014 alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and have become something of a phenomenon.

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This is up from 10.5 million, which is the number of Amiibo toys shipped in Nintendo's entire previous fiscal year. Nintendo is on pace to blow past that figure this year, as Amiibo sales reached 10.6 million in the first half of the current fiscal year.

For Nintendo's latest quarter, Amiibo shipments were approximately 6.4 million units, which represented an all-time high for a single quarter. Nintendo specifically called out the Super Smash Bros. and 30th Anniversary Mario toys as top performers in the United States, the largest Amiibo market worldwide.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said the success of Amiibo in the latest quarter was particularly noteworthy given that the holiday shopping season hasn't kicked in yet. However, he did acknowledge that Amiibo shipments aren't necessarily reliant on the year-end shopping season.

"The trend for this product being steadliy purchased regardless of seasonality is continuing," he said.

Nintendo also announced which Amiibo toys are the most popular in Japan, the United States, and Europe based on cumulative sales. These are listed below and also include the new Amiibo cards, which are proving popular in Japan where demand has outstripped supply, Nintendo said.

Note, however, that the list below may not be entirely accurate, as Kimishima said supply issues have impacted the availability of some characters in certain regions.

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The new Amiibo card-types have shipped approximately 8.6 million units, Nintendo said.

As for Amiibo figure sales by region, the Americas led the way by a significant margin. Kimishima said the big success in the Americas is attributable in part to the fact that the toys-to-life market is already popular in the region with games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

"The Americas market still holds more than half of the total sales but you can tell from the graph that regions other than the US, where toys-to-Life products had a late release, are gradually expanding," he said.

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Nintendo's Amiibo toy line may be selling well, but it's nowhere near Activision's Skylanders series. The Call of Duty publisher has sold more than 240 million Skylanders toys by its latest count. Of course, Skylanders launched back in 2011, while Amiibo is not even a year old yet.

The current toys-to-life market consists of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Amiibo, and the latest entrant, LEGO Dimensions from Warner Bros.

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