Amiga Games Inc picked up by Writers’ Group Film Corp.

The Los Angeles-based distribution company has acquired Amiga Games Inc; future distribution plans to be revealed over the coming weeks.


Retro game company Amiga Games Inc (AGI) has been purchased by Writers’ Group Film Corp, a distribution company based in Los Angeles.

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The acquisition was announced in a press release on Marketwire. The deal sees Writers' Group Film Corp picking up over 300 games, although no specific titles were revealed in the announcement.

Amiga Games distributed titles from Amiga Inc and re-published its games for smartphones, current-generation game consoles, PCs, and tablets.

Writers’ Group Film Corp purchased AGI for $500,000. The transaction granted the company all of AGI’s stock. Further announcements will be made by Writers’ Group Film Corp regarding the distribution of Amiga Games’ titles over the next few weeks.

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Just a distribution company? I've been hoping for Amiga remakes for years.

Ah well. As long as they improve the loading times -- until recently, I didn't realise how long it took to actually start playing an Amiga game -- this is good news.

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I so hope they bring the Alien Breed games to steam!

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Psygnosis presents, a DMA designed game... BLOODMONEY

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Someone clone Jay Miner already.

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brilliant , need a copy of Wings at once!! also It Came from the Desert

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"Amiga Games distributed titles from Amiga Inc and re-published its games for smartphones, current-generation game consoles, PCs, and tablets".
Erm...i cant remember any of those games on the X360...hmmm

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Let's hope all those BRUTAL Psygnosis games are somehow involved here...

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Amiga Games Inc is not Amiga Inc. Not much is known about Amiga Games Inc.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Writers’ Group Film Corp? A film corporation? Lol, the (OCD) need to make games more cinematic just never ends. Now film corporations are taking over game companies!

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Amiga games represent the golden age of gaming. The more available, the better.

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You know, when I tried to sell this idea, I could not find sponsors. Now someone walks away with a possible 200 million profit. LIFE SUX!

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lol looser

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@FarQall @the_big_doggg lol