American McGee's Alice Update

More information has been revealed on Electronic Arts' dark adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.


American McGee's Alice

Electronic Arts has updated its official American McGee's Alice site with a new character from the upcoming third-person shooter based on Louis Carroll's children's book, Alice in Wonderland. The new character is a dark rendition of one of the Card Guards, the pesky and expendable foot soldiers dedicated to the Queen's service. A prerendered image and a detailed explanation of the Guard have been posted as well.

Unlike Disney's adaptation of the Alice story, EA's game will carry dark undertones and brooding environments. American McGee's Alice is currently in development by Dallas-based Rogue Entertainment (Strife, Quake: Dissolution of Eternity, Quake II: Ground Zero), and is being built using id Software's powerful Quake III engine. Ex-id Software level designer American McGee is the project's lead designer/producer.

At this point, it's unknown whether EA plans on showcasing American McGee's Alice at E3, but we'll know for sure as the exposition's date gets closer.

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