American McGee to produce Scrapland

Yankee game designer will executive-produce the Spanish-developed PC and Xbox game.


Over three months after he was hired by Hong Kong-based publisher Enlight Software, American McGee has his first assignment. Today, the publisher announced that McGee will serve as executive producer of Scrapland, the publisher's upcoming action game for the Xbox and PC. The game is currently set for release at the end of the year.

Scrapland is being developed by Spanish developer Mercury Steam, which was founded by former employees of Rebel Act Studios (Blade of Darkness). "I knew I wanted to be involved with this project the moment I met with Mercury Steam and saw the game,” said McGee.

Set in a futuristic world teeming with sentient robots who aren't too fond of humans, Scrapland is being billed as a quirky action game. Players will assume the role of D-Tritus, a cybernetic wanderer who gets mixed up in a series of murders on a planet whose inhabitants had, until recently, been thought of as immortal. Using his abilities to transform into 15 types of characters, D-Tritus scours the city of Chimera to solve the murders.

In addition to its mystery plot, Enlight and McGee also promise that Scrapland will have an open-ended gameplay. “Scrapland has an extremely unique free-form style of play that capitalizes on the success of games like Grand Theft Auto III, yet it takes the action one step further,” said McGee. For more on Scrapland, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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