American McGee teams up with Enlight

Alice designer signs on as US-based creative director; will collaborate with Enlight's founder Trevor Chan.


Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc developer Enlight Software, based in Hong Kong, has today announced a partnership with noted game designer American McGee. McGee will act as the company's creative director, lending his flair for story and visuals to founder Trevor Chan's track record of critically praised empire-building games.

McGee says his goal is to bring "more of an entertainment perspective" to Chan's style of game making. He says the collaboration has already proved to be "interesting" and beneficial to the Enlight stable of games in development.

In a statement, Chan called McGee "one of the most gifted designers in the interactive entertainment and computer games industries." He added, "Working directly with American McGee has been a goal of mine for some time."

McGee will exercise his role of creative director in numerous ways, including reviewing titles that are submitted to Enlight for publishing. McGee will also lend advice and direction to the Enlight-backed development teams once a title is signed.

Enlight has recently ramped up its publishing slate, entering into deals with Infinite Interactive, Egosoft, and Haemimont Games, among others. Enlight's library of released titles includes Capitalism, Seven Kingdoms, and Restaurant Empire.

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