American McGee incubating new project

The creator of the twisted world of a mad Alice blogs that he's ready to get going with a brand-new, full-budget game.


American McGee, founder of Spicy Horse and creator of the twisted reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, has sent out a call to arms for staff for his next project, which he describes as an "Unreal Engine 3 based, big publisher, multi-platform, twisted tale project."

Writing on his personal blog, American McGee states that the game will be starting preproduction soon, and his Shanghai-based company is consequently seeking a wide variety of bods to work on it.

Not surprisingly for so early on in the project, McGee's being fairly tight-lipped about it all. But he does say that the project is likely to be different to the episodic format followed in Grimm, a 24-episode series McGee plans to digitally distribute over GameTap in 2008.

Of the new project, he says, "This is going to be a world-class product, and we're hoping to attract some world-class talent to the team. If you've liked what you've seen/heard about Grimm or were a fan of Alice, then you'll not want to miss a chance to work on this project."

American McGee's Alice saw the heroine of the original Lewis Carroll story all grown up and gone completely insane from her strange childhood experiences, fighting to claw her way back to sanity while trapped in a world of her own imagination.

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