American Horror Story Releases Creepy Season 10 Audition Tape

There's still very little information on what the season will be about, overall.


For there not really being a lot of information about Season 10 of American Horror Story, there is an awful lot about it being steadily trickled out about it (and also a planned spin-off that is equally mysterious). But recently, series co-creator Ryan Murphy has unveiled a creepy audition tape on Twitter, which is probably best first viewed before dissected in the limited ways we can. Check out the tweeted casting video below, which claims to also give away the season's focus--or at least its title?

The video contains performer Spencer Novich's audition, who maybe is some sort of zombie or undead creature. His physicality is impressive, though also not a great shock based on his website that indicates he has done over a thousand performances with the Cirque du Soleil. In other words, in our professional opinion, you can expect some pretty creepy stuff from this dude that won't need to be rendered with computers. Novich's Twitter also has many videos giving a sense of his somewhat oddball personality, which he may be allowed to bring to his AHS role.

But what it all means or is intended to mean, who the heck knows. You could theorize and discuss with your fellow fans about all sorts of hidden meaning here, though it would probably be smart to pace yourself. There are still years ahead of these kinds of slow-burn enigmas--earlier this year FX has renewed the show up until Season 13.

In the meantime, AHS Season 9 has just landed on Netflix, so there's at least a few more hours to tide you over until more information comes out.

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