American Gods Season 2 Trailer Teases Terrible Fates For Our Heroes

The olds gods vs. the new.

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Now Playing: American Gods - Season 2 Official Trailer | NYCC 2018

A new trailer for American Gods season 2 dropped during the show's New York Comic-Con 2018 panel. Afterwards, members of the series' cast and the executive producer came out to discuss further details about the show.

The new trailer showcases many of the gods from the show--both the old and the new--including Odin in his true form and gods we haven't seen before. There's also a brief shot of the massive carousel at the House on the Rock, where Shadow stands in awe of something Odin shows him. The trailer revealed that Season 2 will begin in 2019, but no specification was provided beyond that.

Season 2 will pick up literally hours after Season 1's finale at the House on the Rock. Laura and Mad Sweeney will go off on their own journey partway through the season while the rest of the characters handle their own issues. "Things get worse for everybody in traumatic ways," said executive producer Neil Gaiman.

The events of Season 2 will negatively influence the characters as well. "Laura is kind of an awful person," said Emily Browning, the actress who portrays the character. "These gods are absolutely human in their needs and their wants," added Yetedi Badaki, who plays Bilquis the goddess of love.

American Gods is based on the 2001 novel of the same name, which is also written by Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of Shadow Moon, an ex-convict who finds out his wife dies in a car accident while pleasuring her husband's best friend. He's approached by a con man, who calls himself Mr. Wednesday, with a job offering to work as a personal body guard. After accepting the job, Shadow discovers Mr. Wednesday is secretly Odin, one of the old gods who are dying out as people begin to worship the new gods of the Internet, media, and modern forms of transportation.

When American Gods returns for Season 2, Media will either be cut from the show or played by a different actor as Gillian Anderson, who plays the god , has left the show and will not return. Season 2 will also feature a brand new set of writers.

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