American Conquest: Fight Back! details

CDV releases new gameplay information on its upcoming expansion pack for the strategy game American Conquest.


Following last month's announcement of the American Conquest: Fight Back! stand-alone expansion pack, CDV Software has today released details on the additional content that players can look forward to in the pack. Designed to be playable independently of a copy of the original American Conquest, the expansion will add to the original game through introduction of five new nations, 26 new campaign missions, a new "battles" gameplay mode, and more than 50 new units.

The five new nations in the game will include the Alaskan Haida, Russians, Portuguese, Dutch, and Germans. Existing nations will also benefit from the introduction of new units, although specific details have not been released at this time. Information on the game's new mode is also scarce at present, although it will purportedly allow players to concentrate solely on the tactics of warfare by doing away with economic concerns and will support both single- and multiplayer games.

"American Conquest was a huge success for us and the new elements and fine-tuning we have introduced in Fight Back will, I'm sure, delight our existing user base as well as win us new aficionados of the game," said Terry Malham, president, CDV, UK branch.

American Conquest: Fight Back! is currently scheduled for release in August. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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