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America Is Torn Apart In New Trailer For Alex Garland's Civil War

Civil War presents a future where America is seriously fractured.


The newest trailer for Alex Garland's Civil War has landed, showcasing a fresh look at a film that shows a near-future America on the brink of civil war. In the trailer, the US President--played by Nick Offerman--delivers a message to the Florida Alliance and the Western Forces of Texas and California, which have seceded and are now taking hostile action.

Offerman's president says they will be "welcomed back to these United States as soon as their illegal secessionist government is deposed." It doesn't look like this will happen peacefully or potentially at all, as the trailer teases major battles in environments that look like they could be from HBO's The Last of Us. The trailer's use of the song "America the Beautiful" as the scenes of tumult play out makes for a haunting experience. Here's the trailer:

Civil War stars Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny, and Jesse Plemons, in addition to Offerman.

Garland is known for productions that imagine what could happen in the future, like his 2014 Oscar-nominated film Ex Machina about advanced artificial intelligence. Garland also directed Annihilation, Men, and the TV mini-series Devs.

Beyond directing credits, Garland is known for writing 28 Days Later and the video games Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry.

Civil War releases in theaters on April 12, 2024.

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