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AMD Teases PlayStation And Xbox Consoles With "Secret Sauce"

"They both have their specific secret sauce that we're helping them do."


Microsoft has already confirmed it is working on multiple new Xbox consoles, while there are also rumours that a fifth PlayStation system is on the way. Now, AMD's CEO has offered up what could be a tease for these new systems.

Speaking to Jim Cramer about AMD's gaming efforts, Lisa Su said, "We're working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles. They both have their specific secret sauce that we're helping them do."

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The suggestion here is that Su was speaking about new and upcoming consoles, though she did not say one way or the other. Whatever the case, Su added that gaming continues to be a big growth category for AMD. Gamers expect better and better graphics and performance with each new console, and AMD has benefitted from this.

"People need more computing horsepower," Su said. "Just think about gaming these days; double-digit growth. Whether you're talking about game consoles or you're talking about PC gaming, or you're talking about cloud gaming, all of these markets like higher computing power. And that's a great place for us to be."

Elsewhere in the interview, Su said AMD is making investments now into new technology that people might not see for a few years down the road. This could be a reference to new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, though Su never mentioned their company by name.

"The interesting thing about semi-conductors is we're making decisions now that you won't see the outcome for for three, four, five years," she said. "We've made some good decisions."

While Microsoft has confirmed it's making new Xbox consoles, it hasn't shared any details about them. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the announcement came so early because he wanted to demonstrate to fans and investors alike that Microsoft as a company is committed to gaming. In addition to new consoles, Microsoft is working on a game streaming service.

As for the rumoured PlayStation 5, a Sony executive said earlier this year that the new might not be released until 2021. The PS4 is entering the final stages of its lifecycle, according to Sony.

The PS4 and Xbox One launched in November 2013. The more powerful PS4 Pro was released in November 2016, with the even beefier Xbox One X arriving in November 2017.

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