AMD Radeon RX 500 Video Card Series Coming Out April 18 - Report

Four new video cards before Vega.


According to a Facebook post from an unofficial Powercolor page, the next series of AMD video cards--the RX 500 lineup--will be released on April 18. The post also showed a picture of Powercolor's "Red Devil" version of a new card. Several sites such as and Wccftech have reported on this release date, and previously leaked the specifications of the new RX 500 series of cards. Photos of the cards from other vendors such as XFX and Gigabyte/Aorus have been revealed as well.

These reports also indicate that the RX 500 line will consist of four different versions: the RX 580, RX 570, RX 560, and RX 550. All cards are said to be based on the current Polaris architecture used in the RX 400 series. The RX 500 series will not feature the much anticipated Vega architecture, which is expected to come out later this year.

The following chart details the expected specifications--derived from the Wccftech report--of AMD's new cards:

Video CardBoost Clock SpeedVRAMBus / BandwidthEstimated Price
RX 5801340 MHz4GB or 8GB256-bit / 256 GB/s$229 to $279 USD
RX 5701244 MHz4GB or 8GB256-bit / 224 GB/s$169 to $229 USD
RX 5601287 MHz2GB or 4GB128-bit / 112 GB/s$110 to $120 USD
RX 5501300 MHz2GB64-bit / 56 GB/s$99 USD

We reached out to AMD for comment on the release date and specifications, and will update this story with more details.

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