AMD Announces LiquidVR

LiquidVR SDK 1.0 alpha released to registered developers today.


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Tech manufacturer AMD has announced its foray into the virtual reality space with LiquidVR. The LiquidVR source development kit will offer technologies to "address obstacles in content," and "comfort and compatibility that together take the industry a major step closer to true, life-like presence across all VR games, applications, and experiences."

LiquidVR aims to improve latency in VR environments that run on AMD hardware. This includes dealing with common discomforts like motion sickness. AMD released the alpha version of LiquidVR SDK 1.0 to registered developers today.

"Achieving presence in a virtual world continues to be one of the most important elements to delivering amazing VR," said Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus. "We're excited to have AMD working with us on their part of the latency equation, introducing support for new features like asynchronous timewarp and late latching, and compatibility improvements that ensure that Oculus users have a great experience on AMD hardware."

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