AMC Theatres Now Offering Private Theater Rentals, And It's Cheaper Than You Might Expect

As movie theaters still struggle with the realities of coronavirus, a new trend has emerged.


AMC Theatres has announced that it will be renting its theaters for private parties for up to 20 people total starting at $99 plus tax. COVID-19 is still continuing to play itself out in the US, and movie theaters have been among the hardest hit industries from the global pandemic--this unconventional move allows for small groups (hopefully already in a COVID bubble) to make their way to a theater to see new movies that haven't yet hit streaming.

In addition to newer movies like Tenet and The New Mutants, the selection seems geared towards both seasonal picks and offerings for parents to give their kids something to do: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Shrek, and Sonic the Hedgehog are among the current offerings.

This good news for a change comes hand-in-hand with a recent announcement that many New York-area (but not NYC proper yet) theaters have been allowed to re-open by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. AMC alone "expects to have 530 of its 600-theater circuit open and serving guests by the end of October."

Other chains, including the Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse, have recently started rolling out personal-theater rentals--a trend that hopefully holds post-COVID. Short of building a massive entertainment parlor in your own house, it will be an affordable way for everyone to chip in a couple of bucks, bring your own snacks and drinks, and assure there will be no jerks with bright phones ruining the moviegoing experience.

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