Amazon's New World Will Get Regional Server Transfers After All

In addition to combat updates, Amazon has offered clarification on how New World's reporting function works and is asking for feedback on regional server transfers.


Amazon Game Studios is asking for feedback regarding regional server transfers in a post on the official New World forums, confirming that the feature is in the works despite previous statements that regional server transfers weren't possible.

During New World's launch, Amazon created numerous new servers and encouraged players to create characters on low population ones in order to avoid long login queues. Amazon then stated it would be offering free server transfers at a later date, initially promising players would be able to transfer to servers in different regions.

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That turned out to not be the case, with Amazon later clarifying that regional server transfers were not possible. While true at the time, the team is now working on enabling regional server transfers, and is asking for player input on what would be acceptable when it comes to features and accommodations for the feature in an official forum post. From the questions being asked, it seems like players who do undergo a regional server transfer might not be able to play for up to one day, and may have to forfeit their current in-game homes (though it seems Amazon would refund those purchases at a later date).

A combat balance update is also in the works for New World, alongside updates to combat responsiveness that will be rolling out over the game's next few patches.

The focus, Amazon writes, will be on improving the responsiveness of combat in a couple of key ways, including weapon swapping, dodge cancels, and attack input windows. A balance update at a later date will additionally adjust New World's various weapon abilities and making some lesser used abilities more viable.

"There are many times that you think you've swapped weapons, but you end up attacking with the currently equipped weapon instead," Amazon states. "We are working to fix these situations and expand when you are able to swap your weapon."

Adjustments will also be coming to dodge windows and attacking input timings, with Amazon stating that there are currently some inconsistencies that are not intended. The goal is to make those input windows confident across all weapons and abilities.

Amazon has offered additional clarification in regards to New World's in-game reporting tools as well. Some players since launch have complained about being banned due to being mass reported by members of an opposing faction, presumably so that the players being reported won't be able to defend their territories in the game's faction vs. faction Wars. That, Amazon writes in a forum post, is not the case.

"If there are no Code of Conduct violations then it shouldn't matter how many reports they received," an Amazon Games community manager writes. "A human moderator reviews the reports and makes the decisions on how to suspend or ban based on the behavior. There certainly are cases of human error, and you should appeal those. Typically what happens is two rival groups bait each other into violations then report each other, the volume of votes means it moves up the queue for review, but does not impact the moderation decision."

The recent forum updates from Amazon look to be making good on the studio's recent commitment to improve its communication with New World's playerbase. A development update from the studio last week outlined changes coming to the game's economy alongside clarifying how some of New World's more obtuse systems work.

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