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Amazon's Massive 4K Blu-Ray Sale Gets You Three Movies For Only $33

The sale includes a smattering of Stephen King movies, a bunch of classics, some exciting newer fare, and arguably the best Batman film that exists.


Sales on 4K Blu-rays can be hit or miss, but the current Amazon 4K Blu-ray sale is a winner. It includes movies from all over the spectrum but largely lands on being all killer and no filler. You can find a few classics, like Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz, newer favorites like Barbie, Megan, and Get Out, and a few all-timers, like E.T., Jurassic Park, and The Shining.

Oh, and Mask of the Phantasm, otherwise known as the best Batman movie.

The 4K Blu-ray sale gets you three movies of your choice for $33. You'll need to get three to nab the full discount, which is applied in your cart when you go to check out. All the movies are also Prime-eligible, which means you can get them shipped pretty quickly if you've got a movie night to set up. With the promotion, you're ultimately paying only $11 for each movie--and you can buy multiple sets of three. Considering many of these movies still routinely sell for $20-$30 (or more), this is quite the deal.

There are some seriously good choices on here, too. Among some new greats are Dune, Blade Runner 2049, Godzilla vs. Kong, Edge of Tomorrow, and Parasite. Stephen King fans can grab The Shining, Green Mile, and The Shawshank Redemption, while Steven Spielberg fans can find Jaws and Jurassic Park. And there's even something for fans of classics, including a handful of great movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

If you don't have three movies in mind, there are still some pretty significant discounts on each individual item in the sale, too, bringing the price of each Blu-ray to as low as $12. Most of these deals also include codes for digital versions of the movies, too, for added convenience. Many of the movies on the lists below also come with standard 1080p Blu-rays, so this could be a good sale for you even if you don't have a 4K setup.

Here's a rundown of some of the most notable titles, but the sale includes at least 80 different movies, so it's worth taking a look at the full slate. Amazon also claims there are more than 200 eligible items, so it's possible more movies might show up in the future, or that other 4K Blu-rays also count toward the discount, so take a look around the site for more. The sale runs until 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET on May 27.

Amazon's Best 4K Blu-ray Deals

Modern Greats

Stephen King Movies

Steven Spielberg Movies

Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Great '80s Movies

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