Amazon's Lord Of The Rings TV Show's Official Title Has Been Revealed

Lord Of The Rings: Rings of Power will debut on Prime Video in September


Prime Video's upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show has been largely shrouded in mystery since it was first announced, and with only a teaser photo and a cast list to work with, details have been difficult to come by. However, as its official release date slowly approaches, Amazon Studios is bringing more pieces of the story into the light.

Today, Prime Video has announced that the show will be titled Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and they've done so in a way befitting the series--with literal molten metal. Take a look at the announcement video below.

Tolkien fans will doubtlessly recognize the words from the famous "Ring Verse" in the voice over, describing the creation of the 20 rings of power which would eventually lead to Frodo's trip to Mordor and Mount Doom. This show, however, takes place thousands of years before the stories in both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, focusing on Middle-earth's Second Age, when the rings were first created and distributed to their owners.

According to the official press release from Amazon Studio's, Rings of Power will "follow an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared reemergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elf-capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Numenor, to the farthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone."

Showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay described the series, saying it "unites all the major stories of Middle-earth's Second Age: the forging of the rings, the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron, the epic tale of Numenor, and the Last Alliance of Elves and Men."

Also to note, the press release describes the series as a "multi-season drama," and confirms that the show will debut in 240 countries and will be accessible in multiple languages simultaneously on September 2, with new episodes debuting on a weekly release schedule.

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