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Amazon's Batman Series Will Be Joined By An Additional TV Series And Movie

Warner Bros. Animation adds two more Batman-centric productions to its Prime Video slate.


Prime Video hits the Bat-signal and will be adding more Batman-centric projects to its animation lineup, The Wrap reports. After saving Batman: Caped Crusader when it was scrapped at HBO back in March, Prime Video will be heading to Gotham City two more times with the family-friendly movie Merry Little Batman and the series called Bat-Family. Both projects come from Warner Bros. Animation and DC.

Caped Crusader is a tonal heir to the iconic Batman: The Animated Series, whereas Merry Little Batman will be steered by former Regular Show producer and animation veteran Mike S. Roth and have a more comedic look and feel.

Merry Little Batman sees Batman's son Damian Wayne alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, and he must defend his home and Gotham City as Little Batman before the holiday is ruined.

That series will be paired with an ongoing series, Bat-Family. Damian has taken on the mantle of Little Batman and will team up with his dad Bruce, as well as loyal butler, Alfred, to protect Gotham.

Roth, Jase Ricci (Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure), and President of Warner Bros. Animation Sam Register are set to executive produce the series. No voice cast or expected release date was announced.

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