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Amazon Slashes Prices On Smart Devices For Valentine's Day: Kindle, Echo, And More

$35 off a Kindle Paperwhite, $20 off an Echo Dot.


Valentine's Day is nearly here, which means one thing: flowers and chocolate are going up in price faster than the beat of your heart when you're with that special someone. However, not everything is expensive leading up to V-Day. Amazon is in the midst of a special sale that discounts a number of its Echo and Kindle smart devices. Pretty much every Echo device gets a deal, including the Echo Dot, regular Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and more. For Kindle, the 8GB and 32GB variations of the excellent Paperwhite are discounted.

We've collected the best Echo and Kindle smart device deals from the Amazon V-Day sale. You can see them below, but be sure to check out all of the Amazon Valentine's Day deals, as there are quite a few discounts on clothes, jewelry, and beauty products for that special person in your life. Plus, check out our guide to the best Valentine's Day gifts for gamers for ideas on games and accessories they're sure to love.

Best Amazon smart device deals

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Echo Dot

$30 ($50)

The Echo Dot is Amazon's compact smart speaker that comes equipped with the Alexa voice assistant. The third generation brought improved speaker quality and volume, and if you're looking for stereo sound, you can pair it with a second Dot. With the Echo, you can use voice control with your music and alarms, ask it to read you the news or weather, make hands-free phone calls, and much more.

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Echo (3rd Gen)

$75 ($140) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited

The regular Echo is a bigger smart speaker that features better sound than the Dot, boasting improved Dolby speakers with 360-degree audio and better bass--and it does everything the Dot can do. This particular bundle is actually $10 cheaper than a standalone Echo. For $75, you get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited, the company's music-streaming service that features a huge library of artists.

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Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

$120 ($150) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited or a Philips Hue bulb

The Echo Plus is just like the regular Echo before it, though this particular device includes a Zigbee hub that gives you the ability to control compatible devices throughout your home. Zigbee is a communication protocol that many smart home devices use, including Philips Hue smart bulbs, Samsung's SmartThings line of devices, and much more. For the same price as the Echo Plus alone, you can get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited or a Philips Hue bulb bundled with it.

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Kindle Paperwhite

$95 for 8GB or $120 for 32GB ($130/$160)

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon's most popular e-reader, and the one you should absolutely go for if you're looking to purchase a Kindle device. The screen is easy on the eyes and flush with the front of the device, displaying your books on a glare-free screen that's suitable for reading in any situation--inside or outside, in the dark or in the sun. I personally love my Kindle Paperwhite as it makes for an easy way to read books in bed.

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Echo Show 5

$65 ($90) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited

The Echo Show line of devices is like the Echo speaker series, except they all feature touchscreen displays--the Echo Show 5's screen comes in at 5.5 inches. This means the Echo Show doesn't only tell you what you want to know; it can also show you. This includes your calendar, food recipes, and friends via video calls. Of course, it also comes with everything the Alexa voice assistant can do. For $65--the same price as the Echo Show 5 on its own--you get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Echo Show 8

$90 ($130) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited

The Echo Show 8 is the next step up in Amazon's Show line. This device comes with an eight-inch screen and boasts all of the same features as its predecessor. It's simple: if you want a bigger screen, then this is the Show to go with. And like the Show 5, you can get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for no extra charge.

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Echo Show

$180 ($230) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited or a Philips Hue Bulb

This Echo Show is the granddaddy of Amazon's smart displays. It features everything the previous devices do on a 10-inch HD screen in addition to a built-in Zigbee hub. This means, like the Echo Plus, it can control compatible devices like Philips Hue bulbs and Samsung SmartThings. For the same price as an Echo Show on its own, you can get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited or a Philips Hue Bulb.

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Echo Auto

$30 ($50) with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited

The Echo Auto is a compact Alexa solution for your car. It features eight microphones and fits easily on the dashboard of your vehicle. You're able to use your voice to control your music, ask Alexa for the latest news, and more. You can get it right now with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $30--the same price as the Echo Auto alone.

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Echo Flex

$20 ($25)

The Echo Flex is the smallest smart speaker Amazon offers. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet, and you're good to go. It's designed in a way that lets you put Alexa in almost any area of your home. The Echo Flex lets you voice control compatible devices and ask Alexa for help in any number of ways. It also comes with a built-in USB port if you want to charge your phone.

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