Amazon Shuts Down Anime Strike Streaming Service

All subscriptions have been cancelled automatically.


Amazon has shut down its paid anime streaming channel, Anime Strike, just short of a year after it launched. Amazon has automatically cancelled all Anime Strike subscriptions, and the Anime Strike library will be available through Amazon Prime Video starting today.

Prior to the shutdown, Anime Strike was one of Amazon's "Channels," video catalogs that fall outside of the regular Prime Video offerings and require an additional subscription. Anime Strike cost $5 per month on top of the $100-per-year Amazon Prime subscription.

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Factoring in the Amazon Prime subscription, Anime Strike was more expensive than both Crunchyroll and Funimation, the two most popular anime-focused streaming sites. A basic Crunchyroll membership costs $7 per month, though you can watch many of its shows for free with ads, and Funimation costs $6 per month.

Anime Strike did not announce any exclusives for the winter 2018 anime season, and its Twitter account--which is now deactivated--was inactive for months.

Among Anime Strike's exclusives were Scum's Wish, CG series Land of the Lustrous, and Made in Abyss, which was one of GameSpot's top 10 anime of 2017.

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Just watch kissanime like any normal anime fan does.

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GOOD! It was pretty stupid anyway. All they did was lock all of the anime shows that were on prime behind a second paywall. One day all of the shows were free for prime members, and then the next they wanted an extra fee each month.

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@NettoSaito: True, though they also had basically no exclusives over other services that were new, though they had a few pretty old ones that were interesting. I'm fine with the series they would get as exclusives going elsewhere, though some of them may just not end up being streamed anywhere for North America. I doubt we will see many more exclusives on Amazon after this point. It costs a lot to license the content without it appearing on more popular services for the demographics they're selling it to and they can't incorporate the cost into the core cost of the Prime service because the percentage of their customers that will want the content is too low. I'd imagine it'll start to look roughly the same as Hulu's anime library which will mean the only point to using it would be slightly different looking (and often improperly synced) subtitles or the ability to watch without subtitles if you know the language, or possibly slightly better stream quality if you're trying to deal with something like Crunchyroll or VRV during peak hours.

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Never even heard of this.

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@mcnichoj: I just recently found out that “channel” add ons to Amazon Prime videos is a thing. Shopped at amazon regularly and never heard of it either.

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Honestly tired of paying for service after service just to watch a single show or a few shows. So at this point if it isn't available on Netflix,Hulu, or Crunchyroll and it's not free then I'm not watching it. Good choice by Amazon, their prime service is worth it just for the savings on new games let alone the faster shipping from my most used online retailer and a lot of other stuff I get from it. $5/month for a few good shows that were exclusive to the service, not worth it.

Prime Video never really had much that interested me besides a show here and there, but with the anime added on I might get a bit more use out of it.

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Amazon prime:


Free postage

Free twitch

Some random discounts

Prime TV

Looking good

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Oh. It's actually a good closure for once (for consumers). I hope those managing AS will be relocated within Amazon instead of losing their jobs.

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Excellent. I will now enjoy their anime titles with my already existing Prime account. I did try Strike when it first came out, however I quickly cancelled after blowing through all of the avl titles that interested me.

I actually haven't used prime video in months, Netflix has been enough (in general), but I'll give em another look this weekend.