Amazon Prime Day Deals: Nintendo Switch Bundle Available Right Now (US)

Everything you need to start downloading and playing right away.

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It's Amazon Prime Day, the 36-hour event with deals made just for Prime subscribers. And if you've been holding out on a Nintendo Switch until you could score a good deal, today might just be the time to make the jump.

The Nintendo Switch Gray and Nintendo Switch Neon Blue/Red are both on sale for $299.99. That's the standard price, but you get a couple of extras as well: a 64GB microSD card, and $20 in Eshop credit. That makes the combined value amount to around an extra $35-50, and it gets you nicely set with everything you need to start downloading games onto your Switch. Stock has already run out on this item once but came back a few hours later, so if it's out of stock it may be worth your while to bookmark it and check back.

Of course, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime to access the Prime Day sale prices. If you need to cheat your way into a membership to take advantage of the bargains, you can try a student membership or a free trial. Just remember to cancel your free trial membership before it auto-subscribes you for the real thing, if you don't want to pay the full membership price.

Prime Day deals will expire the evening of Tuesday, July 17. Take a look at our Prime Day shopping tips for more advice on how to maximize your Prime Day deals.

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Avatar image for tocool340

Yeah, that Nintendo Switch bundle doesn't peak my interest. It would've been one thing if it came with option to upgrade that SD card to 128GB and/or came with a game while still being under $300. But since that's not the case, just doesn't seem worth it...

Avatar image for dzimm

"Of course, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime to access the Prime Day sale prices."

Yeah, screw that.

Avatar image for Xylymphydyte

Prime day is kinda terrible this year. It was last year too honestly. Most of the sales we're seeing are beaten by just normal day to day sales, and not by a little bit. Though this has been a rising trend the last several years on every platform known for having a lot of sales, they just keep giving less and less good deals, often on things that have previously been on sale for lower prices.

Overall, Prime Day has become The Day That Amazon Doesn't Work Right more than anything.

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

@Xylymphydyte: Yeah nothing really stood out to me apart from some clothes deals and the 3DS Super Nintendo version which was about $50 off about the same as the 2DS XL.