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Amazon Offers Huge Savings On Board Games For Prime Day Round 2

Catan, Carcassonne, Pandemic Legacy, and tons of other board games are on sale at Amazon.


Looking to add a few new board games to your collection before the chilly holiday season? Then be sure to swing by Amazon during its Prime Big Deal Days event (essentially Prime Day Round 2), as you’ll find dozens of popular board and card games down to some of the lowest prices of the year.

Best Prime Day Round 2 board game deals

Numerous Star Wars board games are on sale, including Star Wars: Shatterpoint's core set. A skirmish adventure game for two players, this lavish set comes with several well-known characters in miniature form, including Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Lord Maul. Normally, $165, you can start your Shatterpoint journey for only $110. A handful of other notable Star Wars games are on sale at Amazon, including the excellent strategy game Star Wars: Outer Rim.

Another standout deal is for Catan 3D Edition, which is now just $120 (down from $150). It’s essentially the same as the traditional 2D version, but this time it swaps out the boring tiles for highly detailed 3D pieces. All the terrain is hand-painted for an authentic feel--and if you already own the base game (or are diving into the action for the first time), this is a great game to have on your shelf.

Bloodborne and Fallout have terrific board game adaptations
Bloodborne and Fallout have terrific board game adaptations

Catan is designed for three to four players and game sessions last about an hour.

Other great deals include Carcassonne for $19 (down from $35) and the Lord of the Rings Card Game: Revised Core Set for $45 (down from $60). And if you’re a Bloodborne fan, be sure to check out the board game for $70 (down from $110). Another great video game-inspired board game deal to consider is Fallout for $45 (normally $70).

More Prime Day Round 2 deals

Keep in mind these prices will disappear when Prime Big Deal Days end, so cash in on the savings while you can.

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