Amazon Launches 24/7 Puppy Stream In Support Of The Pack

The feel-good series is due out November 20 on the streaming platform.


Right about now, we could all use a little more puppies in our lives. Amazon, sensing this, has read the room this past year and is appropriately coming to the rescue with The Pack, a new reality competition series that's essentially The Amazing Race--but with little pups and their owners. They will be competing for $500,000 for the winning duo and $250,000 for an animal charity. The show is slated to debut on November 20, and you can check out an official trailer below.

The Pack's official synopsis adds a little extra information: "12 teams of dogs and their human companions embark on a global adventure to compete in fun and exciting challenges that test the strength of their bonds." But all of this buries the lede somewhat, as the real news is that the show has just launched a 24-hour streaming event over on YouTube called The Pack Presents: 24 Hours of Pawsitivity. It's a feel-good stream that can safely only be described as not suitable for cat people.

Not to be outdone, Netflix also has its own feel-good competition coming up. The kooky We Are the Champions, executive produced and narrated by The Office's Rainn Wilson (who played everyone's favorite oddball, Dwight Schrute). The show celebrates weirdness via unusual competitions like cheese rolling, something called "fantasy hair styling," and chili eating. The show, due to kick off on November 17, also features animals in the form of dog-dancing and frog-jumping competitions.

Say what you will about 2020, but at least there's a cavalry on the way of lighthearted content.

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