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Amazon Is Having A Great Board Game Sale Today

Some of our favorite tabletop games are seeing nice discounts today, from King of Tokyo to The Red Dragon Inn.


Tabletop games rarely feature in Amazon's Deals of the Day, but a very nice sale on board games and card games has popped up at Amazon today with a slew of great discounts. Available only through the rest of today, the Amazon board game sale features a few of our top board game picks, such as King of Tokyo and The Red Dragon Inn.

Down to $23.49 today, King of Tokyo was designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield. This card game for two to four players casts you and your friends as mutants battling it out for control of Tokyo. If you like big kaiju fights, King of Tokyo is probably for you.

Another one of our favorites, The Red Dragon Inn is on sale for $23--this fast-paced fantasy card game is about you and your crew coming back to your local inn after a long day of killing monsters and clearing dungeons. The Red Dragon Inn is about drinking, gambling, and roughhousing with friends while making sure you don't run out of gold or get so drunk that you black out. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, we actually recommend The Red Dragon Inn 5, which includes four new characters and storage for holding all your small pieces and items from previous expansions. Though it's only on sale for $47 (normally $60), it's worth picking up first so you have the storage, if you plan on getting into the series.

Though it's only discounted by a few bucks, we have to shout out Sushi Go Party as well. On sale for $16, Sushi Go Party is a fast-paced and ridiculously fun card game about building up your own sushi platter and forming combos to earn the most points. This deluxe edition is designed for two to eight players and allows for more customization in terms of menu and difficulty. Plus, the artwork is just so dang cute.

Those interested in a chill board game about growing trees should check out Photosynthesis as well. In this game for two to four players, your entire goal is to plant trees and build up your forest strategically while earning light points as your trees' leaves collect energy from the sun. Being intentional with your tree placement is key, as trees in shadow are blocked from the sun and won't earn you points. Photosynthesis is on sale for $24 today, down from $40.

While these were the top games that caught our eye, you should check out the full board game sale over at Amazon today--these deals will end tonight around midnight PT. With more people getting vaccinated and venturing out to see friends this summer, having some new board games around for your get-togethers is a great idea.

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