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Amazon-Exclusive Fallout TV Show Figures Up For Preorder, But Supply Is Very Limited

Bring some of the charm of Fallout's wasteland to your desk with these highly detailed and affordable collectibles.


Prime Video's Fallout TV series is almost here, and for fans of the post-apocalyptic series, some good-looking collectibles are now available to preorder. Well, maybe not that one ghoulish figure but he still looks pretty cool even if he is missing most of his skin. McFarlane is only manufacturing 5,200-5,600 figures of each character, and the Amazon-exclusive three-pack is even more limited at approximately 3,600 units. Needless to say, Fallout fans will want to place their orders as soon as possible.

Preorder individual figures at Best Buy

Currently, collectors have a few options to choose from. Best Buy is selling the three figures for $25 each. These standalone figures start shipping out on April 19, a week after the Fallout show debuts. Meanwhile, Amazon has an exclusive three-pack with a May 10 release date. The three-pack will end up saving you $15 versus buying all three separately, and each figure has a special gold nameplate.

Fallout TV show figures - Amazon-exclusive three-pack

McFarlane Toys: Fallout
McFarlane Toys: Fallout

McFarlane Toys has created some highly detailed replicas of characters from the show as part of its Movie Maniacs line. The Ghoul is locked and loaded for a high noon showdown, Vault dweller Lucy is sporting a can-kill attitude alongside her fancy threads, and Maximus looks unstoppable inside of his Brotherhood of Steel armor.

It's worth noting that each figure is already locked in its pose, so technically, these are inaction figures. Each one of them comes with an environmental base, collectible art card, and a backdrop, and there's a good chance they'll sell out quickly as they hit that sweet spot for affordability and eye-catching designs.

Each one is around six inches in height, and with the display base, you can easily show them off on a desk or on a shelf without taking up too much space.

The Fallout TV adaptation premieres on April 11. The show is exclusive to Prime Video, so you'll either need to have a full Amazon Prime membership or a standalone Prime Video subscription to watch.

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