Amazon buys Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games

Acquisition part of Amazon's 'commitment to build innovative games'.


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Online retailer Amazon has acquired Double Helix Games, the studio behind Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct and the upcoming downloadable Strider reboot. The developer confirmed with GameSpot today that the acquisition has taken place.

An Amazon representative told GameSpot, "Amazon has acquired Double Helix as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers."

According to a report on TechCrunch, the deal includes Double Helix Games staff and intellectual property. The studio's 75 employees will continue working out of the Orange County office as Amazon staff. Double Helix's current line-up of games and future plans will continue to be supported.

The story follows rumours of Amazon's plans to launch an Android-powered games and entertainment device this year. The device will reportedly cost less than $300 and allow users to stream and download games, music, movies, and TV content.

Amazon has taken several steps into the gaming industry in recent years, employing an internal game development team and hiring Halo writer Erik Nylund to become Amazon's director of narrative design for an unspecified project.

"I can't talk about specifics, but I wouldn't be there unless something cool was brewing," he said at the time. It sounds like we're going to get those specifics very soon.

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Avatar image for rasterror

Amazon own the original makers of the new version but Microsoft owns the IP and has Iron Galaxy working on it now.

Avatar image for rasterror

Nope. Microsoft owns the IP.

Avatar image for subarujawn

Killer Instinct Should be Released on PlayStation 4 !

Sell it Complete for $59.99 !

Now is it a possability for PS4 ?!

Avatar image for beniboybling

Yaay! Triple A titles on my Kindle!

Avatar image for 91210user

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yay, yeah I got paperwhite... I really want to see the story come alive for sure.

Avatar image for kraved

KI is owned by Microsoft, not Double Helix/Amazon.

Avatar image for csward

Interesting for sure, but I don't think Amazon knows what they are getting themselves into. Amazon already has trouble achieving profitability consistently and now they want to enter another business that they know little about. This has disaster written all over it.

Avatar image for JoenMclaren

Hope Bezo force them developers to port Killer Instinct to the PS4

Avatar image for kraved

<< LINK REMOVED >> They can't, MS owns KI not DH/Amazon.

Avatar image for lhughey

Me thinks Amazon is building a cloud gaming console.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

<< LINK REMOVED >> They are android based one at that.

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

Mwahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa. The guys at Amazon are probably rubbing their hands together, looking at Microsoft and thinking: 'We're comming for you too, eventually...'

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

<< LINK REMOVED >> they are actually

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> ummm, NO they're not. Amazon doesn't have enough money to buy MS dummy. Have you checked their most recent fiscal year reports? Maybe you should genius

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@2Black2Strong @IanNottinghamX@The-Neon-Seal Noone fucking said they were buying Microsoft idiot.Double Helix is not Microsoft. Theres been rumors Amazon is making an Android gaming console. So this news means they are taking the video game business seriously.

Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

Maybe they should focus more on their crappy app store rather than buying up developers.

Avatar image for DustbusterGF

Developers need money.. if moneysoft wont shell out the money for a fully finished game.. go somewhere else and have a fully finished strider game

Avatar image for nighterrorx

I like how aggressive the online Bookstore has been. If amazon would have been happy selling books they would have went under like the other bookstores. but Amazon has always wanted more. I hope this is more than a Kindle gimmick.

Avatar image for nanoblast

Poor Double Helix, first they are force to make shitty shovelware and now that they are finally making games, they get bought by amazon and probably be force to do mobile games.

Avatar image for aguest11

<< LINK REMOVED >> "Double Helix's current line-up of games and future plans will continue to be supported." Amazon actually knows what they're doing unlike other companies... *cough*DISNEY*cough*STARWARS

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >> Wouldn't there be better acquisitions for Amazon to make mobile games? Maybe Amazon wants to break into the "serious" gaming market.

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> How do you figure that from ANDROID based games?

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

I hope they don't alter anything about Killer Instinct, I love this fighting game series and I don't want it to be tainted.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

Odd move. Very, very odd. Amazon's really trying to get a finger into every available pie.

And that usually ends well.....

Avatar image for Gallowhand

<< LINK REMOVED >> Actually it could be very lucrative for them, if they make games for the right markets. We all know how F2P mobile games are basically cash farms, so there's that. However, the MOBA genre on PC is becoming very successful and profitable, so they might go down that route. It's like printing money (at the moment).

Avatar image for Rusmurf

Lol yes amazon should keep trying to do more and more, and eventually sucking at everything. They are doing this because for all the merchandise they sell, they don't make any money.

Avatar image for senorbusyman

im curious about this buy they should focus more on arcade games for all platforms

Avatar image for danielheywood

I'll be sticking to my superior Nintendo Wii U and games

Avatar image for rasterror

I'll stick to me Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4,and PC. Gotta catch'em all.

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

More PC ports maybe since they're fairly successful with digital sales?

Avatar image for Hayasmez

Pretty sure you don't buy out a subpar dev and expect them to innovate. Sure they made Earthworm Jim and MDK before the merger, but their latest games are nothing but terrible movie games.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@Hayasmez Subpar? False. Killer Instinct is a superb game. Strider is promising. They also made Front Mission Evolved and Silent Hill Homecoming - not stellar games but not sub-par.

Avatar image for mr_nee

<< LINK REMOVED >> yeah, yeah... superb game my ass. Though it could be superb for xbone... I'd actaully would like to see a next-gen EWJ game.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

Am surprised MS never bought them.

Avatar image for bouchart

If you look at Amazon's financials, they are a very distressed company. Their focus is revenue growth to the exclusion of everything else, and their core competency, online retail, is barely profitable. I wouldn't be surprised if they went bankrupt in the next five years.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yea no. Amazon is a thriving company - they are the worlds #1 online retailer. I would hardly call that barely profitable.

Avatar image for bouchart

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> $250 million in profit over the course of a year is barely profitable. Walmart, in comparison, makes around $15 billion.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@bouchart @Grenadeh 250 million after all the money they spent on shit they don't need to be spending it on, as a company. Their sales were 17 billion.

Avatar image for dogfather76

You couldn't be more wrong.

Avatar image for bouchart

<< LINK REMOVED >>Really? Amazon pays its vendors in an average of 71 days, compared to 30-40 for its competitors. Amazon's bond rating is a couple of notches above junk. In 2013, they turned a profit of around $250 million, despite the company being worth nearly $160 billion. Amazon pays a good deal of its employees in stock, which is going to be a problem if the stock crashes. They jump into unprofitable areas like grocery deliveries and then there was that silly talk about delivery drones.

Now what about this exactly is wrong?
Avatar image for Grenadeh

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The only reason they posted such a "small" profit - which by the way is still barely any less than Sony made last year - is because they spend fucktons of money on R and D every year for the Kindle and Amazon On Demand and the Amazon console. They're hardly struggling and will definitely be around in 5 years.

Avatar image for xgalacticax

WTH! Amazon too?

Avatar image for TruSake

if the Kindle is any indication on how cheap and terrible their devices are, then this too will suck. Then need to stick with what they know, and they know nothing about running a software company.

Avatar image for neowarrior121

<< LINK REMOVED >> kindles not that bad once you mod the operating system from that god awful amazon one

Avatar image for tony56723

The Amazon Junglebox will be out by Christmas