Amazon Acquires Twitch in $1 Billion Deal

The game streaming site has been officially purchased by Amazon.

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Update: Amazon and Twitch have officially announced the deal, which will see Amazon purchase all outstanding shares of Twitch for roughly $970 million in cash. The deal has been approved by Twitch's shareholders and should be completed sometime later this year.

In a message addressed to the Twitch community, CEO Emmett Shear wrote, "We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We're keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon's support we'll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.

"I personally want to thank you, each and every member of the Twitch community, for what you've created. Thank you for putting your faith in us. Thank you for sticking with us through growing pains and stumbles. Thank you for bringing your very best to us and sharing it with the world. Thank you, from a group of gamers who never dreamed they'd get to help shape the face of the industry that we love so much. It's dangerous to go alone. On behalf of myself and everyone else at Twitch, thank you for coming with us."

Original Story: Despite a pair of reports earlier this year suggesting that Google--through its YouTube subsidiary--would acquire Twitch, new reports state it is instead Amazon that will purchase the game streaming site.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has agreed to a deal that will see it acquire Twitch for $1 billion. This follows an early report from The Information which stated that the deal could be announced soon (the WSJ says official word may come today), but that it was unclear if anything had yet to be signed.

This comes as a surprise given that YouTube was widely believed to be the site's buyer. Variety reported in May that it would acquire Twitch for $1 billion, a prospect that was reinforced by a VentureBeat report last month. Although neither of the companies involved had officially addressed the possibility, it was presumed to be on the verge of completion when Twitch recently began implementing the YouTube-like policy of automatically muting videos containing copyrighted audio earlier this month. The WSJ's sources indicate talks between Google and Twitch have "cooled" as of late.

Twitch is the largest live-streaming website in the United States by a wide margin, according to a report released this spring, and has expanded into non-gaming ventures, like streaming concerts. Amazon has become aggressive about gaining a foothold in the video game industry, attracting talent like the designers of Portal and Far Cry and purchasing Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games.

GameSpot has contacted both Amazon and Twitch and will report back with anything we learn.

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It's just funny that Twitch TV got twice as much money for being acquired than Oculus Rift did.

Avatar image for brockelley

Maybe they'll fix the auto-muting crap..

Avatar image for woodramus

i pretty much said this over at CBR when amazon took over comixology- great that twitch is financially secure but with amazon's tax policy over here in the UK i.e. pay nothing at all and their treatment towards their workers (look up the panorama documentary to see why) makes this a hard pill for me to swallow

Avatar image for Renoo27

Hmm. Does this have anything to do with no twitch streams showing up on PS4?

Avatar image for ssmilloy36

I think thats due to psn being down. I didn't have it sunday. Twitch broken and madden would not play. DRM

Avatar image for Renoo27

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That would make sense, but you can still see Uplay streams.

Avatar image for PETERAKO


Avatar image for nothingformoney

Better them than Google

Avatar image for AK1015

<< LINK REMOVED >> Couldn't have said it better myself.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

Same old corporate speech.

I wonder if this press release was prepared ages ago and all they did was remove the Google part and insert Amazon, because no matter how they try to convince us that...

"We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster."

All I hear is, they were willing to pay up the most.

Avatar image for mattcake

Oh I see now why they didn't respond to my offer of $10. Charming.

Avatar image for kadaverhagga

This is better than if MS or Sony bought it atleast. Not that Sony could afford it but still.

Avatar image for xboxonly1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Microsoft could afford it :) I mean they did pay billion to Activision for 1 month early DLC apparently.

Avatar image for LoganDaDestroya

Well, at least it's not Google, but the statement shows nothing about what is going to change as a result of this, it's just the standard PR speech of "Because they believe in us and our goals etc." "Thank you for the amazing support etc."

Avatar image for iwoof

If u don't do Twitch I'm the rescue team here to help pull u out from under that rock, friend.

Avatar image for Merseyak

yaaay for amazon \o/

Avatar image for hoyholyhoy

$1,000,000,000 =/= $970,000,000

Avatar image for pseudopsiakite

<< LINK REMOVED >> oh we got a bad ass math wiz here.

Avatar image for jemoedr

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's only 30 mil, who cares :P

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

I am the minority here as I would have preferred Google’s Youtube streaming capabilities which works flawless for me even at 1080p resolution while twitch buffers every 4 sec for me.

Avatar image for vegard1985

<< LINK REMOVED >> Same problem here... On a 100/70 fibre connection. Sometimes it works, but usually it does not. Twitch is the only streaming site I've ever had recurring problems with.

Avatar image for smurfa1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Only that I wouldn't be able to use it. Google forced me to get all their services or nothing when they bought FailTube. I went with nothing, I wanted a FailTube-account only, not a new mail-, cheap Facebook-look-a-like, online storage, but you can't since they force you to upgrade your account on FailTube to a Google-account.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

@smurfa1 sounds like someone just doesn't like google too much. I am sure being internet's premiere and most reliable video service is fail :)

Avatar image for jemoedr

<< LINK REMOVED >> That issue is probably caused by their servercapacity. Shouldn't a problem for amazon. They also offer cloud computing all over the world. So server capacity enough :)

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

Soooo... I don't have to make a google+, or yahoo, or facebook or something account to keep watching and interacting with Twitch? Other than my pre-existing Twitch account.

Avatar image for saltlife225

<< LINK REMOVED >> And in this corner, we have the uber-hipster, that avoids all social networking to "look" cool. Meanwhile, he's just a social reject.

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

@saltlife225 @CruiserCaptain Good job being a d*ck for an honest question. So you can't even reference anything on the internet with out being a called a "hipster" by some angry little internet troll? That's dumb. I don't think you know what "hipster" means, buddy. Seriously, I really don't think you know what it means.

Avatar image for strrckshn

I'm glad that Google hasn't taken over Twitch; however I have no idea why Amazon has bought them? What exactly is Amazon's motives for this acquisition?

I wouldn't be surprised if I see 'Google buys Amazon' tomorrow just to troll everyone.
Avatar image for colt_a

<< LINK REMOVED >> Its about the tech, not the gaming. They can take twitch's streaming tech and apply it to anything. Standard sports, poltiical debates, etc. Amazon has been trying to expand its media presence for years. And a billion dollars is a steal to get the best in the business.

Avatar image for saltlife225

<< LINK REMOVED >> Amazon doesn't have a live streaming service. Google would have wanted to just eliminate the competition that YouTube live streaming would potentially have, with Twitch growing so large.

Avatar image for C-THREE

This is turning into a game of high tech monopoly. I'm not trying to be cynical or anything but I wonder between google, facebook, and amazon who will win the endgame?

Avatar image for saltlife225

<< LINK REMOVED >> You'll see 4-5 big players. If you track the tech industry, you'll see that the pattern of buyouts over the last 10-15 years is a result of avoiding another dotcom bubble. They are doing it to survive.

Avatar image for oldtobie

Monopolization is scary. We're all doomed.

Avatar image for jemoedr

<< LINK REMOVED >> Then it's good that amazon got the deal, and not Google ;)

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Congratulations now you can look forward to dozens of emails of Amazon trying to sell you crap every week. I recently did that 30 day trial for Amazon Instant Video, I don't use Amazon all that often but I have had an account with them for maybe 2 years and I can't recall really ever getting any emails from them. Soon as I signed up for that trial though I constantly get 3 or 4 emails a weeks from them trying to sell me crap. Even more annoying it's not even always related to DVD's or movies. Me signing up for a streaming service was not me consenting to be bombarded with ads for all the crap you sell on Amazon. I've had Netflix for many years and I can't recall them ever sending me emails, follow that model. If I want to shop on Amazon I will go and do it.

Anyway, yeah sorry for the rant but the last day of trial is tomorrow so this was fresh on my mind. :)

Avatar image for jemoedr

<< LINK REMOVED >> Just unsubscribe from the newsletter...

Avatar image for M3o5nster

<< LINK REMOVED >> Gotta watch those check boxes when you sign up for stuff...

Avatar image for jwrebholz

<< LINK REMOVED >> I've been an Amazon Prime member for over a year and never got a single unsolicited email from them.

Avatar image for oldtobie

<< LINK REMOVED >> What email system do you use?

Avatar image for nparks

Better Amazon than Google or Facebook.

Avatar image for BrokenChaos666

"Thank you for helping me line my pockets with all this cash!"