Amazing Spider-Man hits PC August 10

Newest webhead game coming to Windows machines six weeks after console and portable debut; will be available on Steam with achievements.


Activision's The Amazing Spider-Man launched on consoles and portable devices on Tuesday, but its PC version won't be out until August. Activision has confirmed that the newest Beenox-developed webhead game will ship for the PC on August 10.

Spidey swoops in on PC in August.
Spidey swoops in on PC in August.

The game will be available on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam, where it will support Steam Achievements, according to an update on Activision's Hero HQ online information portal.

An epilogue to the film of the same name (due in theaters on July 3), The Amazing Spider-Man will allow players to freely explore Manhattan as the friendly neighborhood superhero and thwart the sinister plans of "a variety of criminals" in a story penned by Seamus Kevin Fahey (Battlestar Galactica).

For more on The Amazing Spider-Man, check out GameSpot's review of the console version.

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hau tu play plss

Avatar image for Tclpn

It is on Steam as of today, Sept 25th. : )

Avatar image for Tclpn

It seems like all of a sudden it was cancelled (or at least delayed) for some reason.... Link:

Avatar image for siper773

@Tclpn thnx

Avatar image for siper773

i guess that the game will release at 11 pm right guys

Avatar image for Tclpn


I was thinking noon today like usual Steam games...unless they do release games at 11pm sometimes. If they do that, I wasn't aware of it till now! :) Anyhow, I hope you are right!

Avatar image for krish311

it did not release today . 10 august 2012

Avatar image for siper773

@krish311 i guess that the game will realese in 11 :00 pm krish right

Avatar image for Tclpn


I don't know what the deal is...waiting for it too.

Avatar image for augustineden92

can download for pc or no???

Avatar image for ansarlucky-cops


Avatar image for shivam138

it would be awesome

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138
Bumblebee1138 this mean it only available in stream? There will be DVDs right?

Avatar image for yan501st

I'll wait for the PC version. My PS3 can collect dust for all i care...

Avatar image for ksbwings

No pro. we can wait as long as there is a PC ver.

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Avatar image for lee3701

This game reminds me alot of the spiderman game that was on the ps2. And i really really had a huge addiction for it due to all the upgrade's n stuff. Swinging around at really fast speed's. Seeing how high you could web yourself from a web swing was awesome :P Ill be buying this game for sure.

Avatar image for LoganWesker

more than a couple hrs in --- so far this is a good game. It's basically Arkham Asylum/City but without the finishing polish of those games ie the level/character design isnt as good -- I absolutely LOVE swinging through Manhattan...this game is a nice first step...the next one should be the good one -- Spider-Man fits perfectly in the GTA world.

If you liked Arkham you may like this game

if you like Spider-Man you will love this game

Avatar image for gamer5142

looks great

Avatar image for Nikb275

Nice Game

Avatar image for fanaticsm

i hope he hits the PC slowly and not that hard.......

Avatar image for pozium

Its Ironic because all these games are designed using PC's, then transferred to other consoles. On release, they come out on other consoles long before the PC's and when it finally comes out (and thats if it ever come out), the magic is gone.

Avatar image for SniperFire17

@pozium They want people to buy it on consoles rather than pirate it on pc. So if consoles come out first the impatient people will just buy it rather than wait for a pc version to pirate, that untill now didn't have a release date.

Avatar image for Sgthombre

I guess waiting a few months is the price we PC gamers pay in order to be part of the master race.

Avatar image for PeterDuck


I know right. the console players always seem to accuse us of acting like a master race yet they are the ones getting early games half the time.

we get late and quite often crappy ports with no AA, bad controls and texture pop ins.

Avatar image for sknight175216

@Sgthombre Master race? Lmao. Calm down. You're giving us PC gamers a bad name. :P

Avatar image for zulwalks

@Sgthombre lol yeah the amazing spiderman, or any movie tie-ins really worth the wait??

Avatar image for jubeio

@zulwalks spiderman 2 was amazingas long as they have gone closer to that game then it will be amazing toobought my game for PS3 today

Avatar image for ExplicitMike

@zulwalks The game is good. So yeah. I waited for Max Payne 3. Waiting for this won't kill me. Also some movie tie ins are worth it. Xmen Origins Wolverine was awesome.

Avatar image for residude

Enjoy it! It's fantastic fun, must've spent 80% of my play time so far just swinging around the city doing sweet F.A!

Avatar image for zulwalks

@residude thats what I always did playing spiderman 2.....just swing around......played 2 hrs a day, everyday......never even finished the game

Avatar image for BigT232

Will buy it in a year during the next Steam summer sale. Hope it has controller support, I feel this type of game is meant to be played with one.

Avatar image for STrugglingFool

@BigT232 read my mind!

Avatar image for revolution_sd

can't wait!

Avatar image for wexorian

Meeh SM 2 was good and web of the shadow other games sucked as hell especially Last 2.

Avatar image for Cryptic_Shadow

sweet i'll be snaggin this for PC so I can roam a city like a boss.

Avatar image for demonkingx5

can't wait to see the mods on this

Avatar image for RavenXavier

The only reason for the delay, which we all already know to be true, is because they know some portion of PC players will simply pirate the game and there's no way for them to stop it. To combat what they see as "lost sales" they purposefully hold back the PC version so they get more sales on the console versions. Of course the console versions can be pirated as well, but usually you need a "modded" console to play pirated console games and a lot of people don't want to make their console illegal (unusable on the internet mostly) by modding it to play ripped games.

Avatar image for petran78

@RavenXavier assuming that console players own also a decent PC able to run the game.

Avatar image for cryingdevil63

@RavenXavier That's exactly right.

Avatar image for Sw1tched

Man the animation is AWFUL .... PASS

Avatar image for therealdoshu

Reminds me a bit of prototype without the kickass powers.

Speaking of which, is that out for PC yet? Did i miss the boat 'cause me wants.

Avatar image for Kenshin0011

@therealdoshu That's because Prototype was based on the Spiderman 2 video game

Avatar image for cryingdevil63

@therealdoshu Nope,Prototype 2 on PC is out on July 24th,I should know.....I'm counting the days......

Avatar image for Moathdd

Always the same story forsaken the console over the original gaming device.

Avatar image for billlabowski

Six weeks to un-consolize it. Yeah, I'll skip it and spend $60 on the Steam Summer Sale coming up shortly.

Avatar image for RiP_ili

I've been sorely disappointed by so many SpiderMan games, I'm not even going to give this one a chance to hurt me. I've learned my lesson.

Avatar image for cryingdevil63

@RiP_ili As far as a superhero game: it's good.

As far as a video-game-to-movie adaptation: it's great.

As far as a Spiderman game: it's amazing.

As far as an independent game: it's good,but nothing spectacular.

Avatar image for Atheno

@RiP_ili Wait no, hold on. Don't get on that plane. I actually tried this at my store. It's actually damn fun. Not as polished as Spider-Man 2, but really not as bad as Spider-man 3. It was a heck of a good time. I would say at least try it some where.

Avatar image for Cruisemissile

@Atheno Spider Man 2 was awesome but this? I don't know.

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