Amazing Mass Effect collectible is as expensive as it looks

21-inch statue of Mass Effect’s Garrus will cost you $350 if you’re able to get one.


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Gaming collectibles maker Gaming Heads has revealed it is now taking pre-orders for its latest Mass Effect piece, a 21-inch tall (¼ scale) statue of Garrus.

Garrus Vakarian, a military trained turian and initially an investigating officer of C-Sec, joins Commander Shepard’s team in the first Mass Effect. Gaming Heads’ statue designed by artist Gurjeet Singh (via Polygon) shows Garrus in his trademark armor, armed with the Incisor Sniper rifle that is featured in the game. The package also includes the Phaeston weapon, which can be swapped depending on your preference.

This exclusive Garrus statue will cost you $350, and that’s only assuming you can get one. The statue is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. You can preorder it now, but it will only be available in the first quarter of 2015.

BioWare studio director Yanick Roy recently described the next Mass Effect game’s development status as being "somewhere in the middle."

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Avatar image for Mommas_b_o_y

should be worth a lot in a few years.

Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

Thought this might have been made by Sideshow coolectibles. Still looks sweet.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

No thanks. Not a collector and I'm sure not having that sat in my house.

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

I'd rather have a custom made Femshep.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Only 500 total? What minerals do they use for these statues?

Avatar image for jasonlc3221

While I would love to own one of these, I'd rather put that $350 into my "new TV" fund or perhaps towards a PS4. Also, if I spent $350 on something like this, I'd have to answer to my wife, and that would not go over so well.

Avatar image for Mommas_b_o_y

<< LINK REMOVED >> this is what you do. say, "Woman, I'm buying this. Please... it will be worth a lot in about 5 years. I'm actually losing money by not buying it."

Avatar image for justinka777

<< LINK REMOVED >> the obvious solution is to get rid of the wife. priorities dude, women cant come between you and your irresponsible spending.

Avatar image for Hiraishin

<< LINK REMOVED >> my wife would say wtf is this

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

That's almost as big as my crt

Avatar image for bourne714

I would like one of Legion or Grunt.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Well EA/BioWare have to make money on the extended DLC ending somehow don't they and one thing of this model that puzzles me is why is he holding (what looks like) a Phaeston Rifle instead of his transitional Sniper Rifle??

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

<< LINK REMOVED >> I doubt $175,000 would cover the cost of creating this statue, shipping it, distributing it and all that plus whatever the dev cost for the DLC was.

Avatar image for vadagar1


if it was a ship model (Normandy, citadel..etc) then maybe

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

Pieces like this leave me scratching my head I'm afraid. I can't fathom why anyone would spend so much on a figure that's going to take up a metric sh!t-ton of space and can't be posed.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That is true, the only thing I can think of that will be a good reason to buy this is if you keep it mint condition and sell it on later.

There are a lot of Mass Effect fans, there are only 500 statues. Many of those will be opened and placed on display in people's homes or offices. If you are one of the few who keeps it sealed in a number of years it could be worth quite a nice packet.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Why not? People buy art of other kinds, why is this apparently so sick and wrong?

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> How do you jump to "sick and wrong"? I find it illogical to a certain degree, but not twisted or perverted. What's wrong with you?

Avatar image for Kamina85

<< LINK REMOVED >> If they have tons of money and a large living area, and they like the pose it's already in, then the answer should be obvious. I mean, there are people who own a life-size Big Daddy (Bioshock) for gods' sake.

Avatar image for gamingnerd121

<< LINK REMOVED >> I can't either, but someone is always willing to spend it. They have to make money for their shortcomings somehow.

Avatar image for goku2000

I've got the Play Arts Kai versions of both FemShep and Garrus. I'm gonna pass on this one. Can't justify the $350 price tag.

Avatar image for lionesss

Guess the price needs some....calibrations

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

Did......somebody call me? ;-))

Avatar image for emperiox

<< LINK REMOVED >> I love you... ;) <3

Avatar image for fgjnfgh

I only like half of his work, take R&C or Gordon Half Life which look mediocre IMO

Avatar image for Kamina85

I own tons of statues/figures, but only a few have cost me a bit more than $100 each, would never spend this much on one. I've got the Bishoujo Female Shephard figure that's really cool, would like the Bishoujo Liara figure as well but due to it being OOP all the sellers are charging way too much for it, hopefully it gets re-printed sometime.

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

i guess EA found another way to make $$$ off bioware's efforts

for the price, this is obviously limited supply though. so i guess they testing this

Avatar image for strangelove_1

I want a Tali statue so I can look at dat ass all day and cuddle up with her at night.

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

<< LINK REMOVED >> Or maybe you could get a *real* girlfriend.

Avatar image for beniboybling

<< LINK REMOVED >> ...or take off her mask.

Avatar image for JimmyJumpy

Collectibles are supposed to be collected by collectors... They should make half as much of these as they sold ME games, so everybody can get one, not just a few privileged folk...

Avatar image for PortalJumper93

Garrus is such a bro.

Avatar image for Gudzhis

21-inch? how much bananas that is?

Avatar image for ChunkyDrawers

Wheres my Miranda?

Avatar image for gundamalt

<< LINK REMOVED >> she in the red light district .