Amazing-Looking $600, 15-Pound Halo Plasma Rifle Replicas Revealed

Reserve one today from TriForce.

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Here's something for Halo fans to do while they wait for Microsoft to fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection's matchmaking issues. TriForce has revealed a pair of Halo 2: Anniversary Plasma Rifle replicas, which are available for preorder from the company's website today, though they aren't cheap.

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To secure the red "Brute" model you see above, you'll need to pay a $162.50 non-refundable deposit of the total $650 price. A blue version is available for $600 with a required deposit of $150.

Both are described as "full scale" replicas, measuring 24.5" tall and weighing 15 pounds. They are hand-painted and finished, and even feature working LED effects. Only 150 of the red units will be made, while TriForce will create 500 of the blue version.

TriForce is also behind the $750, 35-pound Evolve statue series.

The Master Chief Collection was released last week on Xbox One. Problems with the game's matchmaking immediately came to light, with many users reporting long wait times to find matches. Developer 343 Industries is aware of the trouble, and is working on a fix, which should be deployed on Wednesday, November 19.

Check out the image gallery below for a closer look at the Halo 2 Anniversary replica plasma rifles.

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$23.36 on Amazon
$39.20 on Walmart

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