Amazing Fallout 4 Cosplay...From a Cat

Cats cosplay, too.


Even cats are embracing Fallout 4 mania. From the Cat Cosplay Twitter account comes some images of a cat cosplaying as a Fallout survivor. It's wearing a Fallout-inspired blue-and-yellow outfit, complete with goggles and even a Pip-Boy on its arm. This cat is clearly prepared to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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"If a Cat mutates from Radiation, will they suddenly have 18 Half-Lives? Because that would be Rad," reads the image caption. To get a better look at the cat, click through the images in the gallery above.

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In other news about cats and video games, Metal Gear Online recently introduced a feline-focused hat. You can also check out this GameSpot image gallery of 20 Adorable Cats Who Made Video Game History.

The first of Fallout 4's patches will be released next week, coming first to PC and then later to the game's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.

Fallout 4 has proven to be a huge success, breaking records on Steam and shipping more than 12 million units since its launch last week. A recent blog post thanks fans for their support and describes Fallout 4 as "not just [Bethesda's] largest game launch ever, but one of the industry's."

The game is also ruining people's lives, as this funny parody video shows.

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