Amalur Developer Shuts Down, Industry Sounds Off

The closure of Curt Schilling's game company dominated the headlines this week and had people talking; GameSpot rounds up some of the most intriguing tweets.


The only title from 38 Studios--Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning--won praise and sold 1.2 million copies, but that didn't save the company from going belly-up. As revealed yesterday, the Providence, Rhode Island-based developer and its subsidiary Big Huge Games laid off all their employees amid ongoing drama stemming from a much-debated 2010 $75 million loan. Total layoffs are believed to number close to 400.

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38 Studios shut down on Thursday, and the industry had a lot to say about it.

An outpouring of support for the hundreds of sacked staffers rained in over Twitter in the hours after the news broke and continued today. The hashtag #38jobs quickly sprang up, and was even a top 10 trending topic. Many companies rallied to find the newly displaced developers work, offering links to open positions at their firms. Some voiced angry sentiments directed at Schilling, others praised him, and still others made jokes about the event.

GameSpot rounded up some of the most intriguing comments from people across the gaming industry. Below is a highlighted collection of what was said.

International Game Developers Association chairperson Kevin Dent @KevinDent
"There are lawyers somewhere in [Rhode Island] looking for a way to prosecute Curt Schilling, he is the sacrifice to the gods/public."

Former Big Huge Games designer Justin Perz @thejustinperez
"Today I retire from making fun of twitter. Thanks, game industry. ‪#38jobs‬"

Microsoft Studios Jobs @MSStudiosJobs
"Microsoft Studios is looking for experienced game developers, here is a list of our current openings: [link to open jobs]."

Former 38 Studios CEO Jen MacLean @jenmacl
"Thanks beyond words to everyone who has supported ‪#38jobs‬ today. Plz keep the team in your thoughts and continue to post opportunities."

Insomniac Games @insomniacgames
"38 Studios and Big Huge Games, sorry to hear about everything, we are hiring for these positions: [link to open jobs]."

Epic Games senior public relations manager Dana Cowley @danacowley "Sorry to see layoffs at 38 Studios. For what it's worth, Epic is hiring: [link to open jobs]."

Former 38 Studios creative director Steve Danuser @Moorgard
"Media: Follow the money. Watch who profits from this and you'll find a trail of power, corruption, and lies."

Former Big Huge Games senior game designer Joe Quadar @bazooie
"Bye bye Big Huge Games. I still can't believe we made Reckoning. Now… about that patch."

EA Australia community coordinator Jess Hodgson @EA_Jiggsy
"You guys have created a beautiful legacy with Reckoning. I'm going to frame my copy and mount it in memoriam."

Former Big Huge Games director Ian Frazier @tibermoon
"I've had better weeks."

Former Big Huge Games audio director Grant Kirkhope @grantkirkhope

Former 38 Studios sound designer Bill Mueller @BillsAudio
"To everyone rallying behind ‪#38studios‬. Thank you so much. Wow. I love this industry ‪#38jobs‬."

Irrational Games senior quality assurance tester Amanda Cosmos @acosmos
"Irrational is still hiring for Bioshock Infinite. Even if you don't see your job on the site still hit us up [link to open jobs] #38jobs."

Boston Phoenix staff writer David S. Bernstein @dbernstein
"re 38 Studios: Extremely disappointed in the lack of jokes about [former Red Sox closer Jonathan] Papelbon coming in to take over the company."

CCP Games Jobs @CCPGAMESjobs
"CCP devs will be a Blake's Tavern in Providence Monday to recruit 38 studio's employees, ‪#38jobs‬."

Social media representative for BioWare Austin Mark Douville @MarkDouville
"My sympathies go out to the employees of‪#38Studios‬ and ‪#BigHugeGames‬. I wish you the best. Amalur was amazeballs, you should be proud."

Former Big Huge Games producer Sean Bean @notthatseanbean
"Thank you, Curt, for buying us 3 yrs ago yesterday. It let us stay together and make the game we'd dreamed of. So surreal. My kids have only ever known me working at BHG, and now we're taking down the posters. Rooms are empty. The trophies are sad."

Senior Electronic Arts animator Ryan Duffin @AnimationMerc
"If half the bullshit Im hearing about 38 Studios is true, I hope it goes to court. Big, Huge condolences to the talent at Big Huge Games."

Mass Effect 3 senior designer Manveer Heir @manveerheir
"The amount the ppl at 38/BHG have been lied to by executive management is ASTOUNDING. If they aren't lies, then it's just gross incompetence. Either way, I hope the execs who made this bungling worse than it needed to be are held accountable and never work in this industry again."

Lantana Games designer Dan Silvers @shadesofsilver
"Coincidental timing considering the 38 news. RT @MedievalArchive: Died today in 1543: Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer."

ESPN Boston radio host Adam Jones @adamjonesESPN
"Despite our efforts, Curt Schilling will not be making his weekly appearance today on@ESPNBostonRadio."

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer Big Huges Games @BigHugeGames
"Thank you all so much for the remarkable show of support for us and our people during this time. It has meant more than we can say! ‪#38jobs‬."

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling @gehrig38
"Thank you to everyone sending prayers and well wishes to the team and families of 38 Studios."

38 Studios @38Studios
"Thank you all so much for the remarkable show of support for us and our people during this time. It has meant more than we can say! ‪#38jobs‬."

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