Alter Echo receives a new look.

Characters are redesigned in the upcoming action game from THQ and Outrage games.


THQ released new screens of the upcoming action game being developed by Outrage games, Alter Echo. The game focuses on a man named Nevin who uses a shape-shifting outfit called PolySuit to morph into three different forms. The action adventure game features gameplay that mixes melee combat, puzzle solving, and traditional platformer-style exploration.

The new screens for the game show off the new look for Nevin, his PolySuit, and other characters in the game. The redesigns were motivated by feedback from journalists and consumers who have followed the title. The new look for the characters is intended to allow them to be more visible against the game's detailed and multicolored backgrounds.

Alter Echo is currently slated to ship later this year for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. THQ will be showing off Alter Echo as well as several of its upcoming titles later this week at a press event. Look for more soon.

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