Alpha Gameplay for Sega and Creative Assembly's Hyenas Has Leaked

Hyenas' first alpha recently opened up in July, and now footage has seemingly leaked.


Someone has broken their NDA, as evident by an hour-long Hyenas gameplay footage uploaded to YouTube. It's likely from Hyenas' July alpha and is splashed with watermarks all over the screen.

The leak first begins with a tutorial section, a guide that includes how to heal and revive downed teammates and how to hold the "getaway zone." The character menu also shows that each Hyena comes with a primary and secondary weapon--and some of them look unique to each individual character.

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Hyenas was first announced on June 22 and is a collaboration between Sega and Creative Assembly. Its gameplay skews towards battle royale PvP with PvE elements. In a single match, there are five crews with three "hyenas" each competing for merch. Win conditions are filling your merch quota--whether through finding it or ambushing other crews for the merch they have--and escaping with it. Once a team's quota has been met, they need to protect it until the teleportation zone is available to use.

Hyenas looks to be a very colorful game, and the tutorial's narrator is very, hm, bombastic in tone as well. For those looking to try the game--you can still sign-up for the Alpha, as the application form on the Hyenas website is still open.

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