Alone in the Dark Update

We have more details on Infogrames' just-delayed action-adventure, including info on the new PC developer.


Earlier today it was revealed that Infogrames has officially delayed Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare until the spring of 2001. While the PlayStation and Dreamcast versions of the game have been said to be quite far along, there's been little sign of the PC game since E3. One reason for the slower PC development is now clear, as Infogrames has told GameSpot that a new developer has been brought in to do the PC version. The company now in charge of that project is Spiral House, the developers of the console-style role-playing game, Silver.

Yet, the delay also affects the console versions of the next Alone in the Dark. Explaining why all dates were pushed back, Wiebke Vallentin of Infogrames said, "We want to make sure it's a really fun game that's as finely tuned as possible. When the game's finished, it shouldn't have any frustrating camera angles or AI." Vallentin noted that the developers still need to polish the game's sound and camera control. In addition, a few key elements of the game - some of the puzzles, the auto-aiming system, and the lighting effects - have yet to be implemented.

DarkWorks is still in charge of developing the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions of the game. Development of the Game Boy Color game is in the hands of UK-based Pocket Studio. Infogrames plans to release Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare simultaneously for all platforms next spring.

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