Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare rated for the PS3

Entertainment Software Ratings Board listing points at a Sony-published rerelease of 2001 original.


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In 2001, Infogrames released the action horror game Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare for the PlayStation One to mild reviews. The game was later released for a range of systems, including the PlayStation 2, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, and the PC.

Alone in the Dark is seeing the light.
Alone in the Dark is seeing the light.

Now, it appears the game is heading to yet another console. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has created a listing for Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare for the PlayStation 3. The ratings body revealed that Sony would be publishing the game, indicating it will likely be a downloadable title. The ESRB listing did not divulge any further details on the game, other than it will be rated M for Mature.

The most recent entry in the Alone in the Dark franchise was the 2008 game of the same name. For more on that title, check out GameSpot's review. And for more on the original, read the full review of Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

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yes,,,,do it do it bring it to ps3 and you will see the ultimate horror that you ever seen before

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@Novemberfreeze Respect

Avatar image for Novemberfreeze

@Lunchfriggenbox Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play X3. Regardless, there are many games which deserve to be placed in the store but seem to be getting ignored. I just want to be able to play all my childhood games or at least have them so that I can enjoy what I enjoyed growing up whenever I want. I'm sure there are others that feel the same.

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Check it out.....

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despite the reviews , this game really did a good job in the world of surviving games , i remember it being quite hard and required extensive brain work and back tracking, i couldn't get past the first few rooms because i was a kid and this game was friggin scary. i may look into it when it releases on PSN.

Avatar image for Lunchfriggenbox

@Novemberfreeze I agree entirely especially on Threads of Fate... except for x4-x6 not a fan. I consider after X3 to be when the Blue Bomber lost his way. (only stating an opinion please don't kill me.)

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This game freaking sucks. I own the PS1 original still. The demo on OPM disc made it seem good, then I got the actual game and it's total crap. Playing with my own crap is more fun than this game.

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Megaman X4, X5, X6, Megaman Legends 1 and 2, Legend Of Dragoon, Parasite Eve 1 and 2, Misadventures Of Tron Bonne, Threads Of Fate, Ape Escape, Armored Core, Darkstalkers, Fighting Force 2, and I.Q. Intelligent Qube. just some suggestions for Sony when they're ready to listen to consumers.

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There are so many other titles they could be working on, it's kind of a letdown.

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Still own the PS1 version...i would have expected they concentrate on titles that have more interest shown like Legend of Dragoon.

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@zzamaro, Gamespot is usually late on news like this one.

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We'll see how it turns out, not sold on it though.

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Interesting story... That's about it, huh?

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what's with LateSpot? i saw this yesterday and I even create a topic about it...

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It seems a little strange to call a game that came out like 10 years after the original game, the "2001 original"

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sounds interesting, might have to just follow the game as it gets closer to being published.

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It was good, but nothing special. I'm not sure what to think of this...

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it wasn't a bad game i may get it i still think i have the old strat guide for it

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I already have this for PS and PS2. Will it come out for every console from now till hell freezes over?

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I have this game 4 the DC. It wuz aight. Nothing special so i wont b buying this.

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Aw, I was hoping for a sequel to Alone in the Dark Inferno. :(