Alone in the Dark now in stores

Infogrames' creepy survival-horror game Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is now available.


Infogrames today announced that its latest survival-horror game, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, is now available in stores. The game is the latest addition to the popular Alone in the Dark series, and in it, players assume the role of either Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac as they try to recover a group of ancient artifacts on the mysterious Shadow Island. Players must overcome difficult puzzles, dangerous monsters, and their own fear in order to win the game.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft, and it features more than 1,200 prerendered backgrounds and a wide variety of 3D character and monster models. In addition, the game uses an advanced lighting model that makes the use of a flashlight and various light-based weapons a central part of the game.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare was developed by DarkWorks, and it is now available for an approximate retail price of $39.95. We'll post a full review of the game soon, but until then, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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