Alone in the Dark lights up Infogrames revenues

Atari shooter and Dragon Ball Z push its corporate parent's sales up 80 percent to $140.5 million.


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Infogrames-owned Atari may be switching its focus to online and social games, but the publisher's parent company is still reaping rewards from more traditional fare. France-based Infogrames released its quarterly financial report today, which attributed its rising revenues to high-profile hits Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and Alone in the Dark. Prior to going on sale last month, the anime-based fighting game shipped 930,000 copies, and Eden Studios' survival horror remake moved 1.2 million copies worldwide.

For the three months ended June 30, Infogrames raked in €90.1 million ($140.5 million), up nearly 80 percent from the €50.1 million ($78.1 million) that it reaped for the same period the year before. That put the publisher on pace to meet its goals, and it reiterated the previous guidance of 12-18 percent sales growth for the year. As for when it will finally return a profit, the company plans to hit positive operating income within the next 18 months.

In a statement accompanying the results, Infogrames CEO David Gardner said that the report "sets the pace for the rest of the year and gives us the time to begin our Publishing turnaround as the next key step to revitalizing the brand and company."

Alone in the Dark's success is ironic, given that it may be the last game of its sort to be released by Infogrames. In May, company president Phil Harrison discussed the "new Atari" with GamaSutra, saying "I don't see that we're going to be making huge-budget, single-player games [like Alone in the Dark] in the future."

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I think with a sequel to Alone in the Dark, they could really tighten things that worked well, and remove things that didn't and it would be a STELLAR game. Playing it to the end with like sadistic dominatrix style sex. Some parts hurt so bad to play, and others were sooo awesome. It was the funnest crappy time I've ever had with a game.

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that means theres 1.2 million morons who obviously dont listen or read reviews before they buy games. And people wonder why bad games keep getting made, you keep buying them

Avatar image for sykalob

it's a nice game

Avatar image for teh_pwnerer324

I'm glad Burst Limit shipped over 9000 copies

Avatar image for shaggyaz

despite its faults I think its actually a pretty good game I dont regret buying it

Avatar image for tonicmole

Don't feel bad Onurucu, I'm also one of those million.

Avatar image for Miss_Wacy

you know what i started to enjoy alone in the dark untill that god damn driving bit you had to do, that was so broken it wasent even funny

Avatar image for DarkSeeker32

You know why they sold so many copies? Because the game is good!!!!

Avatar image for onuruca

i guess 1 million people got fooled like me and bought the crap called alone in the dark

Avatar image for zakaweb

I bought that terrible game. As bad as it is, something continues to compel me to try to finish it. It is a very bad game. The controls are what kills it, everything else I could live with. I think once you have enough systems out there and a game is hyped up, then it is easy to sell a million copies. Remember they released it on every system know to man.

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that game was the biggest piece of poop ever the controls suck, that characters suck and the fire is all burny if you have ps3 add me oldsnake2

Avatar image for ChickenSoop

It's Amazing they even sold 1 copy of the game, I rented it and it was garbage not even worth renting, I wouldn't even take this game if they gave it to me for free.

Avatar image for onuruca

how the hell did alone in the dark sold 1.2 million in a month :S

Avatar image for TristanH12

I wanted Alone in the Dark but after all thosre views I passed. I might pick up Burst Limit since it has been able to do so well and looks so good.

Avatar image for 1rish

How in the F*** did Alone In the Dark ship over 1000000 copies?

Avatar image for etramleinad12

I'm shocked the game was a let down. They can't be serious.

Avatar image for lamprey263

that's good, despite getting terrible reviews they did make the right choice and ported this to every console imaginable, which like every kids movie put to game is a tried and true method to guarantee commercial success

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