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Alone In The Dark Delayed Until January Because October Has Too Many Monsters

THQ felt the spooky reboot needed some separation from a crowded release window.


Among a busy October for video game releases, the Alone In The Dark reboot might have been overshadowed by adventuring plumbers, dark places, and friendly neighborhood superheroes. THQ Nordic didn't want to take that chance, so the game will now launch on January 16 and kick off the new year with a scare.

THQ Nordic made the announcement via the game's official X account, where it posted a picture reading "JANUARY 16, 2024" in large white letters. The post also bluntly explained that October was too busy, the game would be better served releasing without much else around it, and so the date was moved.

"Horror games thrive on the eerie embrace of solitude, something that is impossible to achieve in a gaming month as busy as October," the post read. "To ensure a breathtaking experience for everyone, we have made the decision to move the release of #AloneInTheDark to January 16, 2024."

The move comes on the heels of comments made by one of the game's top stars, David Harbour, who said that his experience in the game was "limited" and not what he'd expected. When speaking about the motion-capture process for the game, Harbour said it was "limited in its scope" and that, while "it was fun to be a part of that, it wasn't quite full born."

This new take on the classic horror franchise lets player take the role of Edward Carnby--played by Harbour--or Emily Harwood, who is played by Jodie Comer, as they investigate the disappearance of Emily's uncle Jeremy. The main setting is the Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally fatigued, where Jeremy was last seen.

The Alone In The Dark reboot will now launch January 16, 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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