Allied Assault and Hot Date for the Mac go gold

Westlake Interactive completes its Macintosh versions of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and The Sims: Hot Date.


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Westlake Interactive has announced that Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and The Sims: Hot Date for the Macintosh have gone gold and will soon be available in stores. Allied Assault is a port of Electronic Arts' best-selling World War II shooter of the same name, and it is scheduled for release by Aspyr Media in mid-June for an approximate retail price of $44.99. Hot Date is a port of the popular virtual-life expansion pack from EA and Maxis. It is also being published by Aspyr, and it will be available in stores later this month for approximately $29.99.

For more information, take a look at our full reviews of the PC versions of The Sims: Hot Date.

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