Alliance of Valiant Arms Hands-On - The Basics

We get our hands on this free-to-play alternate-reality online shooter at E3 2009.


Alliance of Valiant Arms

One of the many games on display at E3 2009 is Alliance of Valiant Arms, also known as AVA. The game will be a free-to-play online shooter that takes place in a modern-day setting during a fictitious conflict.

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Who's Making This Game: The game is being developed by Asian studio Redduck and is being brought to North America by way of NHN USA's online games service.

What The Game Looks Like: A modern-day shooter in city-based environments, not dissimilar to Counter-Strike: Source. It's powered by Unreal Engine 3.

What There Is To Do: Choose one of three different character roles--rifleman, which is an assault class; pointman, which is a light weapon class; or sniper--and compete in team-based competitive missions for up to 16 players (eight versus eight). You can change class each time you respawn after getting fragged.

How The Game Is Played: The game has four different modes currently in beta: Escort, Convoy, Annihilation, and Demolition. A fifth mode is planned for launch. We had a chance to play an escort mission in what appeared to be a ruined Russian city as the opposing team attempted to escort a tank across the map while our team attempted to prevent it from getting there. The gameplay seemed very similar to Counter-Strike or the earlier Call of Duty games, in that there were a lot of winding roads with dipping hills on the ground and buildings with open-air second-floor balconies and windows up top.

What They Say: This will be a graphically high-end modern-day shooter with a "cash-op" microtransaction store that sells convenience items.

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What We Say: There's definitely a Counter-Strike-like quality to this one--the fast pace, the modern-day weapons, and the getting-instantly-killed-by-someone-you-barely-sighted. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

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